AERONAUT Outdoor -- Premium Down Quilts

:rofl: that’s awesome! I’ve only heard good things from them so far so you’re golden!

Maybe a silly question, but are these “noisy“ when moving around like traditional lightweight sleeping bags?

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Hey Derek,

Great question! This quilt is a lot quieter than most bags. The cheaper the sleeping bag (traditionally) the louder or crinklier the materials. Especially when you go synthetic insulation. I chose very non-crunchy, soft feeling 20D nylon to make sure it felt good, and also kept quiet. The higher quality goose down helps it to flow or move around better and doesn’t fight you. Synthetics are stiffer insulation and so with that “resistance” you may get some added noise in cheaper bags.

Hope that helps! There’s also a demo quilt at the GFC shop if you’re local in Bozeman, or if someone on the forum wants to check it out and share how noisy/quiet it feels to them that’d be awesome.

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Just ordered my aeronaut blanket, can’t wait to try it out this winter at my SoCal desert campsites.

@Medicfung Thanks for the love! We’ll fire a quilt out to you as soon as it’s ready :zap: Can’t wait to see how it does on your adventures!

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Hey friend, just went to pre-order, am I too late on the discount?

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Hey there! Not too late at all, GOFAST10 is all bueno now. Had a tech difficulty but it’s updated now :call_me_hand:

Thanks for the assist, I grabbed one.

Awesome. Thanks for the support! We’ll fire one out as soon as it’s ready! Looking like mid-november for preorder deliveries :zap:

Rad. I have a small weekend get away planned mid dec and I’d be stoked if it came on time for that.

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Perfect! We’ll definitely have one to ya by then :call_me_hand:

Dropped a preorder earlier today. Looking forward to using it.

Awesome, thanks for the support Kris! We’ll shoot one over to you asap - we’re getting close! :zap:

And we’re dialing in that booster for ya — aiming for release this next summer.


Yo GFC friends! Looks like the first quilts have been arriving for some of you folks, we’re stoked to see how they’re doing for ya! Drop a review if you’d like or thoughts here below so others can see too.

Also, GOFAST10 is still live for 10% off / free shipping and I’ll toss in some extra stickers for fun.

And a heads up — last shipping guaranteed before christmas is Dec 15

Is there still a demo unit at the GFC HQ? My unit is getting installed next week and I’d like to be able to touch and feel one. Cheers!


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Yep! And grab a few stickers while you’re there :call_me_hand:


Mine just arrived! Great product, can’t wait to try it out.


GOFAST10 isn’t working or I’m doing something wrong. Please help me.


@AERONAUT I tried again. Says enter a valid code. Help!


@GFC706 Sorry about that one! Just fixed it :zap: