Aftermarket products for the GFC

@Prog4x @jedgar I got mine here. You’ll need to trim some of the plastic ribs but pretty easy

SBDs USA Make (Pack of 4) 1-3/4 -1.75" Square Plastic Plug, 10 14 Ga for Inside ID 1.49"-1.58" Tubing End Cap | Furniture Chair Glide Inserts | Fencing Post End Inserts | Fitness Eqpt Caps.

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+1 for the square plastic plugs on Amazon. I have them and they do the trick. Cheap and simple.

What is the benefit of plugging the squares in the framing?

Looks much cleaner, I used the Amazon set on mine.

Honestly probably mostly psychological benefit. Looks cleaner and I don’t have to worry about junk/bugs getting in there.

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a cup holder and a jetboil holder that locks into the tacoma bed rail

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new light kit for the V2 by @Lobofabworks

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This week I made an idea I had for a simple storage bag mounted to the Toyota T-track under the bed rail. I attached it with the Gzila Track nuts by way of some grommets. About 12"x8". I sized this one to fit between the GFC mount and the small cubby in my bed. I also made it a bit short to leave room for a platform I plan on putting above the wheel wells.

I plan on making a total of 2 or 4 for my truck, and I’ll be using this for camping gear, tie down straps, bike tools, ski tools, and whatever else I want accessible. I do plan on trying frame bags at some point, but these have a couple benefits, being cheaper and not in the way when reaching into the bed via the side panels.

This one is white with orange thread, and uses recycled Ecopak EPLX400 packcloth. This fabric is a waterproof laminate with a 400d face fabric with a DWR, and a film on the inside to make the fabric heavier and waterproof. This bag is not fully waterproof, as I chose not to tape the seams. However, the fabric and zipper are waterproof so water should stay out well enough considering it will be mounted inside the GFC. I considered a fully waterproof rolltop version as well, but opted for the zipper for convenience. Let me know what you guys think! This is something I could make in different sizes, colors, and designs if interest is out there.



Check out @Lobofabworks on IG for more pictures, info and products :metal:t3:


In regard to T-track bags posted above, I will definitely be making more. Thinking $40 for a single or $70 for a set of 2. Price will include mounting hardware and be shipped to your door. Track nuts I’ll ship straight to you from Gzila.

There are several color options. Heavier fabric (EPLX 400, one shown in photos) comes in black, white, grey, and coyote brown. Lighter version of the fabric (EPX 200) is available in bright orange, bright blue, teal, and fuschia. Both fabrics are recycled and will perform well, so it’s totally valid to go with the lighter one if you want a bright color.

I plan to stick to the size I made since it seems to work well, but let me know if you prefer something different and I can do that.

First 5 orders will get a 10% early bird discount from the prices stated above, and lead times will be a week or two since these are made to order. PM me anytime if you have any questions!


Check out and follow @firsttracksAK on instagram for updates! More products in the pipeline in the GFC/ski/bike world.


Finalized the product specs and tested for multiple weeks on my truck. I’ll be opening pre-orders this Friday, September 23rd. There will be a $50 deposit required with the remainder being due before shipping.

There will be 3 tiers to choose from depending on your needs:

Basic: Two (2) Wild Mitten mounting brackets, eight (8) track nuts, and eight (8) bolts - $200 + shipping

Essentials: basic package plus Maxtrax MkII mounting pin set - $260 + shipping

VIP: essentials package including mounting and trimming of maxtrax pins - $280 + shipping

I look forward to being a contributing member of this community!



After a few interested parties reached out, I’ve decided to open the pre-order early for my low-profile maxtrax roof mounts.

Some specs about the product:

The brackets are 304 stainless steel and powder coated in a matte black finish. The mounting bolts are 316 stainless steel and held in by @GZilaDesigns 6061t6 aluminum track nuts.

You can dm me here or on Instagram @Wild_Mitten to place an order or request additional details.



My camper is on order. How many squares are there that need to be plugged up?

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There are 4 squares…(20 characters)

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not yet live on their website but Martin has a new rack for the GFC coming out


I got my bags. They are very nice. The hardware is also nice.


I got mine too and love them! Been meaning to snap a pic!


I sure miss my ‘78 Westy