Tacoma Cup Holder

For those with Tacomas who do not like to spill beer, check out what I came up with. They simply lock into the bed rails and will support any drink up to 3” in diameter. I have a Jetboil holder in the works as well and will add a pic for a teaser. Etsy link below!

Tacoma Bed Rail Drink Holder This item is unavailable - Etsy


These look great! So creative. Super idea.


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Wicked smahhhht…!!!


How does it hold up to being dropped?

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Ill be waiting for that jetboil holder!

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do you drop your drinks?!


Are you trying to be funny or did you not read my question?
3D printed items aren’t always the most durable. Someone will drop one. At $25 I think it’s a warranted question.

First model complete so it should be dropping soon! I designed it so 100g and 450g canister lock into place. Very happy with the result :metal:

Hey! Fair concern. Regarding 3D printing materials, there are so many different materials that have different properties and you may be surprised what some can handle. With that being said, this is a material called PETG. I chose to use it as it has a bit better properties compared to the more common PLA, such as a higher softening point. Give me some criteria for a drop test ie, height, landing condition and angle. I’ll drop it and report back. Though, it was not designed to be dropped and I intended for it to spend most of it’s time in the T-slot so result may vary. I’d happily work with a customer to get them a new one if something were to happen. Thanks for the question!!


Yes, I’m hilarious. If you didn’t know, now you know


Thanks for the reply. I didn’t realize it locked into place. I’m assuming it can stay in place with driving then?
And just a regular fumble drop. 3-4 feet most likely spinning from trying to be caught and landing in the most inopportune spot.

Yeah they stay right in the T slot while driving!

Once I catch up on orders I’ll take one and see what it can handle :metal: stand by for videos!!

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I forgot I use this fuel when I use my Jetboil. Do you know if it will still fit?

IMO the Jetboil branded fuel is kind of overpriced, so I use the comparable Coleman fuel. The can is bigger, but doesnt fit inside the actual jetboil. According to Amazon, the dimensions are:
Item Dimensions LxWxH: 4.33 x 4.33 x 3.35 inches

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Nice! Also looking forward to the Jetboil version

As for concerns about this design - I would be less worried about dropping it and more worried about the sheer strength of the 3D printed part. I tend to break my parts on the layers, not against them. While dropping a part might do this, if the part is printed in the orientation I think it is, having it in the t-track with the weight of a jetboil (fuel, stove, canister, and water) would be putting force on a 3D printed layer.

I would never point out something like this as an issue for a cup holder - but if you are dealing with flame and boiling liquids, and god forbid it gave out - you might be in a hot mess - get it?

I have recommended to others on this forum before, but proper layer adhesion is still not anything remotely close to the strength of an injection molded part. One way 3D parts can be strengthened is by annealing them in the oven. I will leave the science to this article, but might be something to consider - especially for parts holding combustion devices.

Still love the ingenuity and it’s one of those “i wish i thought of that” things for sure!!


Hey! Yeah those have been thoughts on my mind the past week and a big reason why I haven’t launched it is for liability reasons. I plan to do some vigorous testing with the JetBoil design as the last thing I would want is for someone to get injured from something I designed and sold. As for the shear stress, this is definitely the biggest failure potential. To mitigate, I maximized the radius size under the T-slot mount to reduce the stress concentration to a minimum. I also increased the width of the T-slot mount to distribute the load over a larger area, resulting in lower stress.

While printing a cylinder on its side would prove very difficult, I’m considering other design options to, like you said, have the shear stress perpendicular to the layers. Appreciate the input!


Most likely not. I assume the rim diameter on the bottom of the canister is different. Thank you for bringing this to my attention and I’ll consider incorporating it in my next iteration!

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Actually been looking for a solution for a dog water bowl in the truck that doesn’t get knocked over on the floor in 2 seconds. My dog drinks water at night all the time in the gfc so this is interesting. Looks like it would work well.

I love this. Use it in the back seat for the dog.

I’d be more concerned about it getting hit with things while mounted. for instance a shovel getting thrown in the bed