An update regarding the Go Fast Campers PIT

At this time we have decided to temporarily suspend the GFC Product Improvement Tour due to the number of personal interactions (and contact time) required by this process. We did not make this decision lightly, but have taken into consideration recommendations from local and federal government to minimize travel during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The repairs that were scheduled to be made on this tour are very important to us and we here at GFC fully intend to follow through with them in the future. Those of you who have expressed interest in the PIT will be contacted individually to discuss the details of your scheduled repair. Operations at our facility are still underway and arrangements may be made in order to perform repairs here in Montana while the PIT is on hold.

It is our hope that tough decisions like this one will hasten our return to normal, while impacting as few people as possible. If you have questions or concerns please send them directly to and we will address them in the order they are received. We sincerely appreciate your patience and cooperation with us.

Take care