Anyone had to remove VHB Tape from the roof?

Title says it all; my 100w flexible panel went bad last fall and I was able to get it off the roof, but the VHB Tape/residue is still very alive and well on the roof. I am concerned with using the typical goof off due to the possibility of damaging the roof.

If anyone has been through this and has ideas, please feel free to let me know. I’m in dire straights with it.

I used VHB to secure lights on the inside then I removed the light.
To get it off I used a heat gun to loosen it up a bit and used my finger to rub on the VHB to roll it off. No goo gone or anything like that needed.

I did the same thing, suffered the same way, and have a technique for removing it.

You’ll need:

  • a bunch of isopropyl alcohol
  • paper towels
  • some thick garbage bags or other plastic sheet
  • soft plastic razor blades (see below image, I got mine from amazon)

What you do is cover the VHB with paper towel, soak the towels in high strength isopropyl, and cover it in plastic (the plastic keeps the alcohol from evaporating). The alcohol, over the course of 5 to 10 minutes, softens the VHB and helps it release. Then you can use the plastic razor blades to scrape it off.


edit: found the video. This was the first time I did it, I found later that leaving the alcohol for a longer time (but not more than like 10 minues) helped.

I have a video somewhere but can’t find it right now. This method worked well for me and didn’t damage my roof. YMMV.


much more efficient way!
this is what happens after using the heat gun and rub method:
I probably heated it up too much LOL

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Thanks all. I’m going to try the isopropyl alcohol and plastic scraper method. I was hoping smarter than me on here would have a magic idea, but no dice this far.

you could try one of these

I used on the interior of a camper, removed the bulk with the wheel, used alcohol for the final remaining residue

I was just going to say you could try one of these.
Have never personally used it but 3M stuff is usually great.

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Those drill attachments are magical. I used one to remove a 24 year old sticker and residue from the paint of my Cherokee. It came off in no time and no damage to my paint.

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Ordered that 3m wheel. Thanks for the suggestions, that looks killer.