Anyone running a Prinsu cab rack on a Colorado ZR2...with a GFC

Looks like I have a buyer for my AT Chaser, so I’ll hopefully be joining the GFC club. I have a 2021 Colorado ZR2. My main concern is wind noise.

I’ve read some threads with homemade fairings and such. I had a Prinsu on my old ZR2 and had thought about installing one on the new truck as well. I’m pretty sure that the Prinsu will not fit under the GFC at the back of the cap…so…looking to possibly cut/modify a Prinsu rack at the rear end to fit under.

Does anyone run this set up on a ZR2?

If so…can you post or email some pics? If it doesn’t fit, would be nice to see where you chopped yours.

I got zero wind noise with the Prinsu (fairing in the front) and I’m guessing that the Prinsu fairing should assist in GFC wind noise.

Also, quick PSA for those with roof racks…have some clear or color matched vinyl put on your roof before you install the rack. When I pulled my old rack after a few years, there was definitely some surface rust spots and discoloration from the fairing rubbing the roof paint and water dripping on the rails in the same spot over time. Roof vinyl will run you about $200 to have a shop do it. Just thought I’d add that.

Thanks in advance

Yo! The Prinsu rack will actually fit under the GFC for the Colorado. The Colorado is the ONLY vehicle that a full length rack works on.

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@Thomas How big is the gap between the rack and gfc overhang? The bed twists quite a bit.

Just FYI: I just sent some dimensions to Gage Martin (Martin Offroad) for him to look into a zr2/gfc camper rack (ie the half rack).

The Martin Off-road half rack for the Tundra is really nice. Great product.

Not sure off the top of my head. Maybe someone can chime in here with one!

That half rack for the Colorado would be perfect. I actually looked at the Fitment link and found 2. They do indeed fit under, but the distance/gap would be nice to know…good point on the bed flex.

I think I’ll do the chop chop. Having said that…anyone with a ZR2, Prinsu (as above) who could post a better and clearer side view pics…it would be appreciated, so I’ll know where to trim.

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That gap looks pretty tight. If you flex your rig i bet that would rub hard.

@adv_riggs did you have any luck sourcing a “half length” roof rack? I’m looking for one too and agree frame flexing and rough trails would probably cause GFC and full rack to make contact. Pictures I’ve seen of full racks show very little clearance. I shot a note to Colorado & Canyon Enthusiasts to see if they know of any options. I like the UpTop Bravo rack, especially as it can be ordered with a light bar cut out - wondering if it could be adapted into a half cab length version. But also don’t love the idea of buying a full length rack only to toss half of it.

@Sherpa_Flemster Wish we had one of your racks for the Colorado’s :frowning:

@Tink Martin offroad makes one!

Oooo thanks @adv_riggs Looks like it’s Tacoma-specific? Did you have to modify it for your Colorado?

He makes one for the colorado. Send him an email if it isnt on the website.


@Tink i actually want one too but didn’t think anyone made one. Let us know if Martin Off-road replies!

Gage at Martin Off-road said he was planning to get the Colorado version of the Camper Rack listed again by Friday. I don’t see it up there but guess he means soon. I also reached out to UpTop as a like the look of their cab rack: Colorado ZR2 Roof Rack (2016-2022) - Bravo Series | upTOP Overland

UpTop are open to producing one and asked me to provide some measurements. Will keep this thread updated.

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Just got a message from Gage Martin (Martin Off Road). He’s hoping to have them up on his site and available within a month or so.

I plan to mount mine this weekend.

Does anyone have the half rack on their truck, or are we still waiting for someone to produce them? I’m interested in seeing how it fits.

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Which one did you get? I haven’t found a half rack yet. I might just have to order a full one and chop it myself.

Martin Offroad. Weather has not been cooperating, but I hope to get to the install soon.