Awnings! What are your thoughts?

I just received both my FSR 270 awning and annex room with awning poles. Did anyone recall if the shipping weight on the 270 awning my 55lbs? I know that FSR has only one 270 awning and that’s the one that’s rated at 37lbs. But after receiving it today. I noticed in the shipping label was at 55lbs. At an additional 18lbs what could raise the weight aside from the mounting hardware and large cardboard box? I haven’ opened it yet in case I need to return it because they “may” have sent me a heavier awning. Otherwise I’ll have to call in on Monday as they’re closed today

Looking to upgrade to a 270 or 180 awning, any recommendations?
Currently have the standard awning mounts but contemplating an upgrade to the new billet ones. Would love for it to work with a quick release system but I assume a 270 is going to be difficult with that

Sounds like you need a scale. Shippers will commonly put higher weights because they are lazy, or there will be extra mass of packing materials involved.

Just got my new Kammok Crosswing awning mounted up with 3x GFC brackets. So far, it seems like a solid product. Stoked at how damn easy it is to deploy. Just pull it out, tighten the fabric, and it’s good to go. Less than 30 seconds to deploy, and probably less than that to put it away.


Looks pretty awesome. Strongly considering one of these, but I also have my eye on the Clevershade that Basil’s Garage offers. Only 22lbs. The Kammok feels a lot simpler.

I’ve scaled 3 of them. The newer mode which you have comes in at 41-42 lbs as seen on a pallet scale. You’ll still want to be sure you install it with 3! GFC Universal mounting brackets. Not 2!

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