Battery Mount Shelf for Molle Panel

I need a better place to store my EcoFlow battery. I was thinking of a shelf attached to a molle panel at the back wall just to the right of passenger side of the back window. Did a search through the forum and couldn’t find anyone else with this setup. Best I could find was something like this:

Makes me cautious of mounting this higher up above the bed of the truck and was wondering if it would be a bad spot to house a battery?

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It’s not on a Molle panel but I made a front-mounted extrusion rack for my GoalZero. Pretty happy with this setup, it’s a lot nicer than having it on the floor. I haven’t found any major negatives yet.


Thank you @Vice_Chief. This setup looks great and sparks some ideas.

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Read the weight warnings on the molle mount product. It won’t carry a battery’s weight. Like the other reply here, you better frame it up with true support underneath.

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