Bed layout ideas?

Anyone build storage into the bed yet? I built a faux goose gear base plate, set my cfx40 in the bed where I want it, and then sat in the bed. I feel like truck bed is tiny and I’m looking for some inspiration.

I want to build some drawers and mount the fridge on a slide.

I’d love to have some “hang out” space if it’s too wet or cold to be outside, but I’m starting to think that’s not possible.


It’s a pretty tiny space. The long cushion and panel fits across the top of the wheel wells as a good bench with the small cushions leaned up against the cab wall for a back rest. Using totes keeps the space easily manageable and let’s you arrange things as needed for each trip or have an empty bed quickly for when you need to do truck stuff.


I do a solid mix of off road and camping, so I like to keep lots of bed space. This is an idea I have. Still bouncing more ideas around. I like the modularity of the GFC, so trying to keep that design element alive.


That’s actually what we’ve been working on this weekend.
It’s small, but I think it will work for my wife and I. Once we move the camping gear into the storage box, most of the floor will be open. Next thing is the fridge slide for me.


What is the top made of? Looks like nice material!

Will you be building more storage cabinets, or does that one fit everything for you?

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My camper is not done yet, but I’ve tent camped, van camped and roof top tent camped for many years. I’ve down sized to a Tacoma DCSB (GFC on the way) and we are a family of four. To be honest, the bed of a truck is not going to be the hang out zone, except in very inclement weather for a short time frame. This is what excites me about the GFC…it’s a workhorse camper shell with easy access on al three sides and it happens to have a very slim sleeping area on top. It is not a Four Wheel Camper and I appreciate that. You will be amazed how much hang out space you get with a 6’ ARB awning and maybe the tent walls zipped on.

It’s a marine grade HPDE similar to starboard. Then we used 25 feet of aluminum to build the frame. I’ve got a hinge on order, so that’s still to come. And I still need to trump down and paint the vent. It’s getting close tho.

We’ll see as far as storage. I’ve got some more work to do before I can start filling it. I hope most of it will fit in there. But I may build another storage box behind the fridge.

What do you have connected to the input of your goal zero battery? The Anderson port. I have a goal zero and a fridge. Trying to figure out a solar solution. I was thinking getting a 165watt semi flexible panel from 4thdsolar. Anyone heard or seen them? It sticks to the roof with mastic and some 3M tape. Then I need to figure out how to run the wires into the bed.

I have a generic 100w panel on the roof of my gfc now, but I’ll be picking this up when it’s released.

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I have a 100w renogy solar panel mounted to my roof rack. I didn’t want anything covering my GFC’s roof. I like the translucent panel. It’s worked great so far!

Renogy 100 Watt 12 Volt Eclipse…

So my build idea was not to build…The amazing thing about the GFC is the versatility of the options…for me keeping my truck a truck was part of the decision on my purchase. Dump Runs are made so easy with the GFC.


I used to have a Decked drawer system but switched it up and built this system. It still needs to be finished and bedlined, but it worked great.


Why did you get rid of your Decked system?

It made getting in and out of the camper a little more difficult and I felt like it wasted some space.

just bought a Decked, it has not arrived yet and wondering if I will like it. hopefully will, since it was a pricey investment but im not great at getting stuff done- had a build in mind but too lazy to build it. any issues with opening the lids of your Dometic with it raised up?

I can still open the fridge from the side door and get things from the top, but it’s on a tilting fridge slide so when it slides out it’s actually lower.

I have the 75 dzw dometic up towards the cab. If it was raised on a decked system I don’t think I’d be able to open it all the way without hitting the GFC bed panel. Mine is on a 3/4" plywood mount and has about 6 to 8 inches of clearance (my guess from memory).

hmm guess i will have to get a tilting slide for it then. was planning to put it at the front of the bed but may need to rethink that plan

Here is my bed buildout so far. Got some ideas from others build so can’t take credit for the fold down bench to extra sleeping platform.


Don’t take my word 100% to guide your build. I’m sure you could still open the lid far enough for access, you just might not be able to open it fully. Different size fridges probably have varying lid lengths as well.