Beef Rack feedback needed

I am currently working on a replacement plate for the ends of the Beef Rack and was hoping for some feedback.

Stock these are very low profile with 7/8" of space between the crossbar and the roof, which is awesome for aerodynamics and look.

For the folks that need more height to clear accessory clamps etc, how much more space would you want. Thanks for the help!


This is AWESOME! Too bad I already drop $500 on new bike trays for the roof of my camper! I digress…

Building in a safety factor for hardware (nuts, wing nuts, carriage bolts), tool access to said hardware, enough threads accessible to ensure security…all I needed to attach my bike trays to my beef racks was a few more inches. My Kuat trays would have worker with another inch of space between the crossbar and the roof…but 1.5 to 2 inches more clearance would have been awesome. I think that would have allowed for a safe fitment, engagement of ample threads and allowed for tool access to properly mount them.

I’m speaking from my experience trying to mount Kuat Trio bike trays. The beef racks themselves weren’t the issue (thickness and width of the beef rack bars). It was the clearance between the beef racks and the roof of the camper that was the issue as you know.

Very happy to see you are taking this on man. Kudos. There are lots of folks that are struggling to mount aftermarket accessories to their campers. I am not concerned with aerodynamics. Heck I mounted the camper on my truck. Or looks. A slightly taller cross bar doesn’t bother me if I can carry all my toys. And this is the most simple and logical way to mitigate this issue. Thanks!

…more thought may pop into my head and if they do, I will let you know. Cheers!



Thanks for the feedback! :+1:

Agreed more height is needed. Getting foam around the bars for surfboard protection is not easy.


Thanks @Ari You think an extra 1.5” would be enough?

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1.5 would be awesome and would get an order from me.


That’s one reason I made my own so I could have more clearance and also the price per rack. I’d definitely be into something like these.

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1.5 should be enough. I think there is a ton of opportunity to help make the bars more useful and modular overall.

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1.5” added (plastic prototype):

Did some stress analysis in Fusion and the extra length is an issue strength-wise, so will be making these from 4130 Chromoly which will be stronger than factory and have good corrosion resistance if the powdercoat ever failed.


Awesome idea, would a 1-1/2 be enough room to get old rocket box claws under? What about just an even 2 inch lift kit?

Thanks for the feedback @Rads63 It is an extra 1.5" so just over 2.25" total. Also I think with the thickness of the beef bar you would only need a small amount of that height right? See my very advanced drawing below :slight_smile:


Yeah , that should work. Really there just needs to be enough room for the claw arm to clear underneath. See even Kruder drawing below

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I think an extra 1.5” would be great. I have a fly rod vault and roof box that should fit with that extra clearance. thanks for doing this!

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Could you make Yakima bar brackets like they used to offer?

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I did post this DIY option for those, but not a product I want to offer.

Yakima Bar Mounts

Damn, nicely done, bro!

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I’ve had to modify anything I have put on the beefy rack since there is no space under the rack.

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Put me down for 4! These are perfect.


I think I got one of the first set of beef bars and was disappointed at how little clearance there was under them. I emailed them to see if they would offer a taller side plate as well as bringing it up during one of their video chats. They totally laughed off my request.

So glad someone is stepping up to address this need, sure looks like I’m not the only one. Any chance you’d offer a tall and and an extra tall version. Personally I’d only want an extra 3/4", the added 1 1/2" might be a bit much.

I’d be happy to make up some custom ones but for a smaller quantity it may take some time to get them powder coated. Shoot me an email at