Beef Rack feedback needed

Thanks @Ari You think an extra 1.5” would be enough?

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1.5 would be awesome and would get an order from me.


That’s one reason I made my own so I could have more clearance and also the price per rack. I’d definitely be into something like these.

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1.5 should be enough. I think there is a ton of opportunity to help make the bars more useful and modular overall.

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1.5” added (plastic prototype):

Did some stress analysis in Fusion and the extra length is an issue strength-wise, so will be making these from 4130 Chromoly which will be stronger than factory and have good corrosion resistance if the powdercoat ever failed.


Awesome idea, would a 1-1/2 be enough room to get old rocket box claws under? What about just an even 2 inch lift kit?

Thanks for the feedback @Rads63 It is an extra 1.5" so just over 2.25" total. Also I think with the thickness of the beef bar you would only need a small amount of that height right? See my very advanced drawing below :slight_smile:


Yeah , that should work. Really there just needs to be enough room for the claw arm to clear underneath. See even Kruder drawing below

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I think an extra 1.5” would be great. I have a fly rod vault and roof box that should fit with that extra clearance. thanks for doing this!

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Could you make Yakima bar brackets like they used to offer?

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I did post this DIY option for those, but not a product I want to offer.

Yakima Bar Mounts

Damn, nicely done, bro!

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I’ve had to modify anything I have put on the beefy rack since there is no space under the rack.

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Put me down for 4! These are perfect.


I think I got one of the first set of beef bars and was disappointed at how little clearance there was under them. I emailed them to see if they would offer a taller side plate as well as bringing it up during one of their video chats. They totally laughed off my request.

So glad someone is stepping up to address this need, sure looks like I’m not the only one. Any chance you’d offer a tall and and an extra tall version. Personally I’d only want an extra 3/4", the added 1 1/2" might be a bit much.

I’d be happy to make up some custom ones but for a smaller quantity it may take some time to get them powder coated. Shoot me an email at


@jedgar just dropped off the BeefBoosts and I’ve just wrapped up throwing them on. He really knocked it out of the park on this.

@cowboystaco Josh and I chatted about you wanting the extra 3/4” and I think you might be fine with these just by dropping it from the top track to the second track. I personally only needed about 1 1/2” total clearance from the roof, and by dropping it to the second track I’m right there.

I installed and took some (poor) pictures of a bar mounted on the first and second track with a tape measure to show the difference in clearance.

Here’s mounted on the second track:


Vs the top track

I think mounted to the top will definitely give folks clearance for foam for surf and paddle boards. The majority of folks looking to put a Rod vault or roof box up top should have plenty of clearance attaching on the second track.

On a side note, @jedgar is amazing. I was getting super frustrated trying to mount my Riversmith River Quiver and I tried just about every jerry rig I could think of. I had recently picked up Josh’s Buddy Mount (which is dope, go buy one) and figured why not send him an email about making something to get better clearance.

That was March 6th. Josh responded in 30 minutes. We met up the next day so I could give him one of my Beef Bars and less than a day later he sent over a mock up and now (March 22nd) I’ve got the final product and can finally mount my River Quiver.

Seriously, my hats off to him. One of the best parts about owning a GFC is the community we have here. Have a problem or recognize a need? Send someone like Josh an email. The worst thing that could happen is they no and then you figure something else out.


That’s an awesome idea about moving them down to the 2nd track, that would get me just what I would need. Good thinking!!

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Thanks for the kind words and pics @dllnmllr ! Was great to meet you and thanks for letting me prototype off your bars!

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Yeah I agree to your feedback…