Better Security for Leaving GFC

Does anyone have any hacks for improving the security for the GFC when leaving it for a few days?

Move to the east coast


I leave nothing in the bed of my truck and leave the camper unlocked. I guess someone could unbolt it and move it to another truck but that’s a risk I’m willing to take. Might tape an airtag in the frame but haven’t really felt the need.

I’m in North Carolina; I’m talking about having stuff in the back and being able to secure the doors better from the inside, and exiting from the top which I have the locks for…something like this…


I have the rear hatch sliders and the tent lock that were produced by Josh Edgar. Both can make the V1 camper more secure.


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That looks great thanks!

We’re talking about panels…

Yeah, sorry about my confusion. I agree with @GFC706, Josh makes some high quality stuff.

The sliders make the rear panel more secure.

The tent lock makes entry into the truck bed from above through the tent more secure.

The double edged sword here is the light panels. They’re great because they’re light, but they can be pried open by a determined thief. I’ve thought some about how to make the camper more secure when parked and unattended. I haven’t come up with a good solution. The problem is that added security would need to be accessible, secure, and unlockable from outside the camper. That would likely require drilling to add locks. That has ramifications for the warranty as well as causing leaks and adding hassles. I don’t want my solution to cause more problems than it solves. A determined thief is very likely to get in no matter what security the camper has. If there’s a key to preventing theft, it think it would be making the camper look more annoying to break into so they move to easier targets. As it is now, I deploy my rear sliders and I try to leave the bed as empty as possible. I have the window so a thief can see that there’s not much to steal.

I’ve been trying to figure a secure and easy to deploy security solution. I haven’t come up with it yet.

For now, I just have to hope my camper doesn’t come into the crosshairs of a thief.



I agree, its tough leaving it with my Domatec in the back with other gear. I have a window that I put tint film on which helps, and I have a black shower curtain I use for showering (clip onto the open side panel) that I drape over everything and be sure to cover the digital display on the fridge. I am wondering if I can install the latches somehow.

Leave a note on the truck that says went to shoot my ar 15 back in 5 minutes


That’s helpful. Thanks.

Went to shoot one of three loaded clips I currently have with me…

I know people who thought an NRA sticker would deter break ins but actually one of them got broken into looking for a gun we think

I’m curious if anyone has any ideas on how to leverage a motion detector and a siren. Doesn’t keep anyone from busting a panel but might keep them from actually stealing something. It would be nice of course if it could be remotely activated and deactivated and f it alerted you when the alarm was set off. Viper has those proximity alarms for convertibles but it just didn’t seem like the best fit overall. Maybe I’m wrong though.

Any ideas?

I don’t know about a motion detector, but one could use a door pressure switch like the ones that turn on dome lights in vehicles. The siren would have to be wired into constant power with the pressure switch to complete the circuit and turn on the siren. One would need another switch to inactivate the circuit completely when the alarm was not wanted. That’s how I’d design a siren, at least initially.


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It also occurs to me that one may be able to employ some magnetic switches depending on where they were mounted. Just thinking…


I finally came up with some improved security. See latest posts here.