Bowen Customs Beds

Hello GFC Community! Does anyone have a Bowen Customs Bed with there Go Fast camper? If so please DM me as I have questions. Allow this thread to post pictures, make commits and serve as a general discussion if you have any experience with Bowen Customs or are considering there product.

For those that are not familiar with them there website you can found here

A little background. I had an incident that left me with 68% burns while in the backcountry attempting to save a four legged family member (long story) I am using my recovery time to set up the rig for more extended backcountry trips, therefore prior to Bowmen raising their rates I locked in a price with a deposit.

Photo attached is an example of one of their beds with a Four Wheel Camper. The other is my rig the Blank-n-Tan!

Thank you in advance for any feedback!

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I’m curious too. I just had a friend put down money for one, but he’s got a 4WC Project M.

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Yes, there are a lot of them out there with 4WC, few with GFCs mounted. It’s a spendy item however the Tacoma bed after years of abuse is flexed, twisted and tweaked!

There was a F150 camper mated to a Bowen Customs bed on a Tundra here: For Sale: V2 XL Platform Camper (Black/Stone Gray) for 6.5ft Ford F150 (2015-2020) - $7500

It sold, but maybe the seller could get you some info if they’re still active. It’s the only GFC/BC pairing I’ve seen so far.

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After following overlandunderbudget for the last few years, I’d love to follow suit via a Bowen bed replacement. Also, that Ford looks pretty sweet, especially how well the GFC matches the Bowen.

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