British Columbia GFC Owners

Thought I would start up a little BC chapter. Going to be heading down in a month to pick up a replacement camper. Might try to sneak in some ski touring on the way home if anyone wants to meet up for GFC coffee.

Check out my build thread if you don’t know much about my unique story.


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Hey, I may be looking at going down the day the border opens to get my hinges replaced. Not sure of the timing in November you were thinking but if it happened to align with those dates let me know. I am just waiting to hear back to confirm they can fit me in.


Hey hey Greg,

My install is the 15th at noon. So I think they plan on opening the borders on the 8th. The real PITA is that you require a PCR test to return to Canada. So navigating that debacle right now to see how that’s going to affect things. Many places are reporting 72hour turn around times for results….well that defeats the expectation from the federal government.


did you pick yours up? i’m in BC as well… i’ve only spotted 3 of them here so far.

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I did, it was a real whirlwind trip. Just got back to Williams lake yesterday. There’s two in town now, with my repaired one on the loose :joy:

Where you located? Down on the coast?

Picked mine up used, i am in Rossland…build 535


Now that I’m laid up with a broken ankle for the rest of ski season. Would anyone in BC be interested in a winter camp out this spring?

Was thinking of going for a tour out the Gold Rush trail towards Barkerville since they’re logging out that way. Did it in the fall it was awesome!

I was going to come up that way this season skiing(powder king) but that is on the shelf for now, just bought a new hardtail bike! Maybe next year, or this summer want to ride bc bike race north routes

If you come up to Williams Lake we can schralp that axle right out of that hard tail LOL. In all seriousness it’s great riding here. Let me know if you come up.

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If you’re ever in the lower mainland count me in!

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Is this group still active? If so, I’d be down to meet up in Revelstoke for some fresh coffee and fresh tracks this winter!

Oh yeah, you ski tour or resort? I’d be down for a rogers pass mission if time allows this season. Shaping up to be quite busy tail guiding.

Ski tour! I’ll be heading into rogers a few times this season; let’s stay in touch. What outfit are you with?

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Hey BC Owners,

I’m looking at setting up a Goldrush run this spring and wanna gauge interest. My thought is we depart from Lilloet and follow the Cariboo Gold rush trail to Barkerville. There are great opportunities for cool views, history, spring fishing…I believe I can map this out so will be be on dirt for about 80% of the route.

Reply to this post if this is something you think you might be interested in joining. Of course we’re not limiting this to BC folks, everyone is welcome if you’re willing to make the drive.

GFC’s Unite!!!

Still lookin’ for GFC folks that are in the West to do a little roundup trip. See the above post :point_up_2:

I am interested in this trip. I am based in Vancouver.

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Ok, what do you think about a May Long weekend trip?

Still looking for takers on a BC GFC rally! Let’s get one going, let’s put our minds together and find some time to check out some of the lush historical back roads this great province has to offer!


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Givin’ a little bump…where are my BC overlanders at?? Time to start scheming dirt road rallies!

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Anyone have any issues with the rain? 6 months of basically non stop rain in the winter… any leaks/ any water issues?