Build 80ish GFC DCSB For Sale Feeler

Hey guys,

I’m build 80ish and I wanted to get a feeler from people who are interested in buying my camper. For the right offer I will let it go. It is gray, with black panels (standard), but with front and rear windows. I am in the Southern California area. I do have the buffalo sheets and extra t-nuts. Since it is an early build, it has the first rev of the tent material and the 3in mattress, this is the most durable version of the tent material which is nice to have.


Let me know if you have any questions!

Also, I built a custom rear drawer/tray for mountain biking and camping. It is a mountain bike tray that can hold two bikes and slide in and out for bike access. It can also double as a cooktop and folds up on a piano hinge for more storage. It has been awesome. The right side is a huge drawer with a battery compartment up front. The top fits front runner wolf packs perfectly between the rails, so you can fit up to 9 wolf packs even with the water port up front. I have cleats in the rails with front runner stratchets to hold the Wolfpacks in place. There are 48 and 36in heavy duty locking slides and it has been designed to be extremely rugged. If you would like info, let me know. I will part with it as well! Hopefully together. It’s pretty slick.


Don’t mean to be a Toolbag but are you on stock gears with 35s? Debating on going that same route

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They 295s on 16s! Almost the look without the cutting. Stock gears though.

Raad! Do you have an Instagram? I have a friend that has some questions about your bed platform

I don’t use it much, but it’s georgelachow. Tell him to buy it, it’s pretty rad.

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This post is missing a price tag

Your bed setup is for sale? The slider platform for the bikes is great!

If the camper goes, then the drawer system will go as well!

:smiley: Anyone else interested?

I sent you a private message.

This still available?

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Sold! Sorry about the delay.

Any specs on build? Thanks

Love that bed setup. Any interest in recreating it for $$! Haha