Built - Incomplete, Status Meaning?

Hey Everyone! Quick question for the group…Has anyone had their build status on the GFC leaderboard state “Build - Incomplete” - Built, But flagged Needing attention. (Atypical)? Scheduled to pickup my GFC V2 on the 27th and seeing this status has me all worried inside! Not sure if it’s because I have a weirdo truck (2019 Ford Ranger) or if it’s something else. Might be overthinking things but thought I’d shoot a message to the community and see others experience with this potentially troublesome message!


Mine says that as well. Install is today, I think it’s because I’m a PITA customer so they’re going to issue beatings and ridicule upon my arrival :joy:

In all seriousness, I would just reach out them they’ll surely answer your question in a timely fashion.


Thanks @Dignon ! I sent them a message just now but if you hear anything weird directly from them, please shoot me a holler if you don’t mind! Will do my best not to be a PITA but after reading all of the grumpy remarks pertaining to water infiltration, I’m sure they’ve built thick enough skin for us all!

Totally, I just like giving them a hard time. I can’t complain at all anymore given the solution they offered me. I will ask :metal:

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What you riding with? An El Camino or something? haha

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OMG that would be amazing to see!!! Nah, just had some issues you can check out the full story in my build thread. I have a 2014 Ram 1500 Big Horn, long story short this is my V2 of the V2.

It would be really cool if GFC took a unique one off build to SEMA each year… Subaru Brat, El Camino, K5 Blazer, Ect…


@Dignon just saw this update…assuming this is why our campers were flagged as Built - incomplete…due to the new install of rubber gaskets and sealant on the latest builds. Weatherizing Update

Mine had this as well a week before install. I emailed them, in my case it was because they were waiting on a shipment of foam to finish my mattress. They had it done, a couple days later, in time for my install date.

I wouldn’t worry… they’ll have everything ready to go for you on your install day!

Enjoy your new camper!


As you may be aware, we operate with statuses to define and track every process from when a new customer places a deposit through to the final “shipped” status. This status based workflow allows our multidisciplinary team to answer questions about where a build is, both in the process or physically once it is in production. With disciplined use of ‘in-process’ statuses our team can focus on optimizing value-adding work. Not having to treasure hunt at any stage in the process allows us to focus on the good stuff.

Things do happen which occasionally turn into out of process work (team wide objective to minimize). We use the “built-incomplete” status as the catch all for this type of circumstance. Rather than building a new status for every out of process thing (overwhelming), we have one status which allows the team to shepherd those builds back into the standard process flow. I won’t bore you with details but this could be something as trivial as it is located in the wrong spot, or in the case of the current “built incomplete” statuses, a strut order became excessively delayed. Struts are now on hand and the team is installing them today.

No need to worry, should there be something that will affect your install (extremely rare) our CX team will notify you as soon as it is identified.


Thanks @GFC-Stephan Got a call and was informed of the situation…You know just anxiety leading up to the final big boy toy. Thanks for the note!~

What was the reason for the status? Weatherizing/weatherproofing?

See the post above by @GFC-Stephan

Hey Angelo- Take a look at our forum post in regard to the Weatherizing Update.

Strut delay but no delays on install! Happy GFC V2 owner officially!

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