Can you add tent to topper later?

Hello. This is my first post, and I’m learning about GFC.

My budget only allows me to purchase a topper right now for my ‘23 Tacoma DCLB. Could I add the tent later, and access the tent from inside the topper, as if I bought the full camper? Or do I have to buy the camper? Curious how the roof and supports work.



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No you can not.

:point_up_2: Save your money for the camper. Being able to stand inside is in my opinion is what makes the GFC great.


Someone in here managed to do it, but it took some modification (trimming of the shark fin antenna on his Tacoma) and the use of RTT bracket mounts of some sort. He did it for the lower profile so he could fit into his garage. More expensive for sure though. If I find the post I’ll link it here.

Thank you! Appreciate the responses.

They are offering some large discounts right now, with anticipated price hikes next year, plus they have a financing option that makes it easier to get into if you don’t mind making interest payments over time.


Taking a little break from the craziness of Black Friday at the office and figured I’d check out the forum. Welcome! Hope to see you on here more! After seeing some of the responses I also wanted to add some useful details.

To give you the low on what we currently offer after hearing this from some Topper customers, we made the “beef rack RTT mount kit” (Beef Rack RTT Mount Kit - GoFastCampers). With this though, you aren’t able to access the tent through the top of the Topper.

Cost wise, a (Topper+RTT) vs just a (Camper) comes out to be more money with less functionality, at least at the base price of the Camper.

It is definitely worth waiting to get the Camper if you decide to move forward with a GFC so that you can save a little and also gain more functionality out of your tool (a GFC) long term.

One advantage that I have personally experienced while at the installation space was a gentleman who was getting a (Topper+RTT) combo so that he can move the RTT to his wife’s and son’s SUV for when they wanted more cabin space / for when the son wanted to borrow it for college trips.

Those are just a couple advantages to the (Topper+RTT) setup. But, from the perspective of using a GFC tent on a single truck, waiting to get the Camper is the best move in my honest opinion.

If you feel like holding out for the Camper, feel free to reach out if you have any more technical questions or keep poking around in the forum!

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Really good input to help me think it through. Thanks!

I am on-the-fence between GFC and Lone Peak. Lone Peak concerns me bc they are new. But I like that the pass-through doesn’t require moving the platform. (Our kids are still little and may need my husband or me during the night.)

Is there a thread on this forum for debating GFC with competitors? I love the passion and community behind GFC.

@aimelise I was in the same boat and spent almost 2 years considering options. Honestly, it was this forum, the creativity and customizations the group developed, and ultimately the service I witnessed the forum group members receiving from GFC that made me go in that direction. No idea what Lone Peak’s service will be like, but I know I’ll be taken care of if anything goes wrong with my GFC.

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Lone Peak is just a cool idea at this point. I think it’s great there are more options coming to the space, but they can’t guarantee a delivery date at all and you have no user experiences to vouch for them. It sounds to me like you want to get something sooner than later, in which case the go fast is the choice IMO!

Found the thread where the RTT was flush mounted on the topper.

Pretty slick actually, but definitely appreciate the passthrough.

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I’m the guy with the flush mounted Topper/RTT combo. Super stoked with it. Having never owned a camper with a pass-through, I don’t miss that feature. Besides, when I’m camping, I’m either outside hanging by the fire or sleeping, so not being able to stand inside is of little consequence to me. I have an exterior mounted side room for changing clothes, etc.

As seen in my thread that Nomad linked, the full camper was out of the question anyway, due to it being 2" taller than this combo and therefor unable to fit in a standard garage with my lift and tires.

IMO, I prefer the slightly lower COG and, vainly, the aesthetics of this setup. Also, the ability to remove the RTT is a nice side benefit.

Total cost was very similar to a full camper.

In summary, I would say going this route is a viable option if you’re looking to spread the cost out by purchasing the topper before the RTT.


Sweet! Thanks for taking time to share your set-up, and walk through the pros and cons. Your rig looks great!

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New GFC owner here as of October 2023. I was like u in considering lone peak at first . My main concern was weight and with GFC being the lightest on the the market. It made my choice easier. Not to mention they were the pioneers of this design. With 6 years under their belt versus LP’s coming out about a year now? It’s unknown. I would go with a company who’s been around longer than with a company who’s still new and has developed customer base. Good luck!