Flush Mounted Wedge RTT on GFC Topper?

Does anyone know if a wedge RTT can be flush mounted on the GFC topper? Instead of using beef racks, which raise the RTT off the topper, I’m thinking some custom side brackets that tie into the t-slots of each would work, as long as the RTT is the same width as the topper.

The goal is to achieve the same look and form factor of a GFC platform camper but closer to the cab height. I’m willing to give up the floor pass-through.

I really want a platform camper but my garage opening is 2" too short to fit one on my lifted 3rd gen Tacoma on 35s.

The problem with every platform camper on the market is the wasted space between the cab roof and the overhanging RTT.

Thanks for any insight.


Excited to see what comes of this.
I don’t have much feed back, but I do like where you head is at (no pun intended).

The GFC RTT mounts off the side extrusion, so it would work as long as the width is accounted for. But realistically, you’re probably gonna run into the shark fin antenna before you make up 2+ inches. Pretty sure the 3rd gen camper is packaged as close to the antenna as appropriate.

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Yeah I figured I’d have to shave down/remove the shark fin to pull this off.

If you went to 265/75 r16s youd be able to fit with a platform camper! Lol

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Good news is that doesn’t affect functionality from our experience & feedback, even on 4Runners where the antenna is completely covered by the RTT.

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I ended up pulling the trigger on this setup a couple of weeks ago; GFC topper and Platform RTT. I’ll post the result when I get everything installed. Can’t wait!