Cancelled sale! #83 GFC For Sale - Compact Short Bed

Cancelling sale of GFC!

So it’s happening, it’s been a toss up but I’ve made the decision of keeping the Bison, and sell the Go Fast Camper. I’ll definitely be getting another in time but due to current personal situation I’m forced to sell one.

Short Bed, fits Colorado or Tacoma with 5’ bed. Already have mounting kit for 2nd gen Tacoma. Hinges recently upgraded to the second version of the original hinge, not the newest hinge that has just been released.

Includes the following accessories options and accessories:
GFC brand:

  • Front and Rear Windows
  • Front wind skid
  • 2 - Beef racks
  • 2 - 90 degree light brackets
  • 2 - Extra universal brackets (to mount awning or accessories)
  • Fitted red flannel sheets
    ARB Awning
    Axia mounts:
  • 2 - Maxtrax mounts
  • 4 or 6 Axia roll bar mounts with quick fist clamps used to mount shovel or axes, etc.
    Shittco awning hack mounts with poles

PM if interested

hi i am interested in the camper!

Sent you a message. Thanks.

Still available? Please contact me.