Ceiling headliners for pop up tent

I just got my GFC installed on my 22 ford maverick.
Ive been reading the posts for months and joined today,

Has anyone put vinyl or carpet on the ceiling inside the GFC pop up tent?
If yes can you share?
I saw one utube where they used a vinyl carpet.
I’m wonder if anyone else has used different materials.
I’d like to get a black out effect and help insulate .

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Check out these post:


It’s a must do upgrade. Just use the proper adhesive and you’ll be good!

Can we talk about the ripstop on the bottom portion of the screens!? I’ve never seen that or even read about it. Curious about the reasoning behind the change.

Not sure the exact reasoning but I’d assume to try and fix some complaints with ingress of elements. Also allows for pockets on the inside of the tent.

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That was my thoughts as well. I’ve had some snow blow up the side of my truck and a little bit make it into the sleeping area. Not sure if this would stop that, but it’s definitely a start. I’ll supplement that claim with that is a VERY rare occurrence, so nothing I feel needs addressed on a production level. Looks awesome though and I like the ideas of pouches on the insides.

I used that thin foilized bubble wrap insulation. Maybe 1/4" thick. Blocks out the morning light and provides some reflection of radiant heat back into the camper. Comes in something like 2’ wide by 25’ long rolls. Used acetone on a rag to clean the interior roof panel of all oil and dirt so the spray-on adhesive can do its job. I laid 2’ wide runs side to side until the interior roof was covered. One person can do this. You have to start out exactly perpendicular to the long dimension of the roof. I used 3M Super 77 Multipurpose Adhesive. One 14 oz. can is enough if you are careful. There are no second changes or adjustment with this adhesive so be slow and exact starting each new run. With the tent floor panels removed I worked from a step ladder. I did not use thin carpeting because of weight, expense, and the fact that it would absorb dirt and moisture. The foilized insulation is very light and cleanable.

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