What have you done to your GFC this week

I made this “balcony/viewing platform” out of industrial aluminum scaffold. Sets up in under five minutes and folds to fit on the roof rack. I was skeptical of the T-slots holding the weight so I welded up a bracket that transfers the load to the GFC frame and not the track. I noticed GFC switched to steel track nuts for the ladder mount so I used those as well. Maybe a two person limit to be on the safe side. (OSHA :grimacing:)

Definitely not something we will take everywhere but certain places it will be nice to have (festivals, concerts, races, etc)

Folded up


LOL this is awesome and so creative all at the same time. Love it.


I’m calling OSHA


my god…that’s genius!

Def not as cool as a crows nest! C5’s are on the back panel and there was an audible sigh as I closed it for the first time. Total install was 10 minutes including cutting.


Headliner done thanks to @Buhlockaye

Used outdoor/indoor carpet from Lowe’s. Used 3M 90 spray adhesive per @the_philxx recommendation.

Since I had the water intrusion update, I couldn’t remove the top honeycomb or else it would have been 100% easier. This is def a 2 person job if you want it to line up correctly. Feels like a whole new tent now.


Looks amazing!

Do you think that carpet would hold velcro? Would love to do this but also just bought the VRNCLR ceiling storage thing which is supposed to attach via 3M sticky backed velcro strips.

Would be sweet if I could just skip the sticky 3M side and just velcro it up there!

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I def think it could 100%. I plan to probably add something for an iPad as I had a magnetic holder up there before.

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Niice, that would be awesome! Thinking I might try and do this before I have the water intrusion fix done in a couple weeks.

100%. Would be SOOO MUCH easier with the top panel just pulled off

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That’s freaking excellent!!

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Installed some 3/8 grommets for the shittco awning


Just spent 3 nights in the tent and absolutely loved it. Wished I had done it sooner!

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work continues on the remodel of our build-out, nearly done at this point, just need a few more coats of sealer on the wood and to finish running our electrical.


could you fit two mtb bikes?

LOVE the new layout n build!

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Looks sharp !! Nice clean lines, my OCD approves lol


Ha thanks so much, maybe your ocd mind is appreciating my ocd mind lol.

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It occurred to me I’ve not really shown my simple awning setup using the Lumbering Bear Adventure gear hooks a 10’sq REI 1/2 dome tent tarp and two extension poles. Super easy to set up and stable when the poles are guyed out. You can add a center pole to give it some lift.

Awning setup


I think this is the direction I’ll go with an awning as well for weight and simplicity. Nice work!