What have you done to your GFC this week

Some of y’all may be familiar with this. It’s a sticky on IH8MUD. At least in the 200 Series section anyway. I thought it might be a good one for this forum. I’ll start. Install was Friday.

A few mods this weekend. Josh Edgar drip rails. Fairing to mitigate wind noise. And a sticker!



I also installed my drip rails today :call_me_hand:


Nothing too fun this week. I replaced the driver’s side strut on the tent since it was leaking. GFC was great in quickly providing a replacement under warranty!


Yea it was a sticky on the 60 series section as well. I liked seeing the photos!

Sadly it’s sitting in my garage while the truck is in the body shop allllll month, it’s killing me. I do plan to install solar in the meantime.

What are the results of the wind fairing? Did you find it helped a lot?

Yes, it helped. I was getting a howl starting at around 40 mph. It has reduced it quite a bit. I haven’t had a chance to hop on the interstate yet but I was able to get up to around 65 and it’s much quieter. Dunno if it’ll impact mpg’s. Haven’t driven it enough yet.


Love that sticker! I also added a fairing with some Yakima stuff I had laying around. Helps a ton, it was a long ride back to WI from Bozeman with the howling camper, the fairing got rid of almost all of it.



Haven’t been using the tent much lately given the weather but have for sure been using the “truck as a truck” and the lower area with the bench.

Ski season is here for those of us willing to ski uphill for it. The truck with the GFC is just next level ski bum equipment. We had the GFC lights (formerly Truckparts.parts) on while loading up gear in the dark of the morning and again when we unloaded at the end of the day. I had the Mr Buddy ripping while we were putting on boots inside the bed of the truck and again while we ate dinner later to help dry some wet jackets.

I love it - this setup is surprisingly better than the old Leer 122 I had even with the tent closed all day…


Drove from Idaho Falls to warm and sunny Orlando, FL!

The fairing significantly reduced wind noise and turbulence. It made a huge difference. I don’t have definitive data but I think it also slightly improved my MPGs.

No noise or whistling from the new drain holes that my camper came with as part of the weatherizing updates.


I installed a cargo net attic sort of thing…


I tried to tint my rear window to reduce visibility into the camper but failed miserably at that so I decided to regroup and get some reflectix along with some honeycomb plastic to make a dual purpose privacy screen/insulation panel for the rear window… easily removable as its held in place by 4 suction cups.


Just installed the Matt Gecko GFC lower light kit. Shoulda done this sooner!


I said the same thing when I finally installed mine, I ordered it before I had my gfc and didn’t install it for at least 3 months. Now I’m like why didn’t I do this sooner

Nice! Is that the bright white option? I kinda wanted the bright white and red option.

I thought about that too to then realized Ive never once use the red light on my headlamp. I went with the soft white light. it’s plenty bright w/o being harsh. Im really happy with it.

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Red is super nice… doesn’t attract insects nearly as much. Also nice if one person is alseep and another needs some light, not as bright.

But then again, I use my red headlamp light every time I camp…


How is this wired for power?

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@hawesquatch The kit comes with wiring, fuse, etc. You ziptie it to the factory wiring harness along the frame, through the engine bay up to the battery.

Pretty similar to this:

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