Coffee making suggestions?

Completely random question - suggestions for pour-over coffee maker? Or other best ideas for brewing coffee when off the grid? Thanks

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GSI Outdoors Java Pour-Over…
That’s what i use. Works great. Got mine at REI.


Aeropress has never let me down


I carry a few methods to be sure I can get a good brew and not have any waste.
To boil water I have-
Jet boil
Electric kettle.
If I don’t have to worry about conserving battery power then I’ll plug the e kettle to my goal zero and boil water.

To brew coffee I have 3 methods, depending on how much ground I have and how many people want a cup.
Single- aero press is my go to, I also carry the gsi pour over.
Multi cup- French press kit for my jet boil. Or aeropress is I’m feeling nice.

BruTrek OVRLNDR travel press. It’s my go to.


While I can definitely appreciate well made coffee by all of the mentioned methods (as I sit here drinking my handmade latte while writing this), we have taken to enjoying some (gasp) instant coffee from time to time for ease. Alpine Start makes some good options and enjoy supporting a local company.

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I only do Tea on the trail / no coffee well at home as well!

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I usually have the stove out for breakfast anyway so a good ole pot of percolated coffee is my go-to.

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Aeropress is the best option from the little amount of equipment you need for it and it’s ease of use. It’s hard to mess up. Just make sure you get a good handheld burr grinder to go with it!

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We use a stainless steel french press, cheap and can take a beating


If you’re carrying a jetboil already their french press kit is hard to beat. It packs away inside the jetboil and doesn’t take up any additional space.

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Being a home roaster, I appreciate a fine cup of coffee. However the methods I use at home to brew don’t always work so well when camping, mostly because I hate to waste water cleaning up . So I’ve gone to using a Melitta cone and paper filters for literally no cleanup. The downside to this pourover method is the water does not stay in contact with the grounds for recommended time and you don’t get the full flavor of the coffee.

Then I found the perfect product, the Clever Coffee Dripper. Works just like regular cones except when you pour the water in it doesn’t come out the bottom and you can time it just like a French Press. So the grounds stay in contact with the water until you place it on your cup, then a mechanism on the bottom releases all the coffee into the cup. Very easy to use and clean up. At home I use it with a SwissGold filter instead of paper filters for an even better cup. Think it was around $35 or so.

For just me a Sea to Summit X-Brew Collapsible Camping Coffee Dripper with Reusable Steel Filter, Charcoal
If my wife is with me or I know I am going to need more Mueller French Press Double Insulated 310 Stainless Steel Coffee Maker 4 Level Filtration System, No Coffee Grounds, Rust-Free, Dishwasher Safe
If I forget them I have used a sock like a teabag where I pour the water into the grounds and let it slowly drip out.

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Thank you all, helpful suggestions and greatly appreciate the color commentary!

Thanks, ordered this tonight.

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The aeropress makes good coffee and more importantly for me, is real easy to clean up without wasting a bunch of water.

Best instant I have found.


I prefer the Hario pour over + paper filters. Easier to clean up than a French press or aerofilter - I’ve converted my aerofilter-using camping buddies over the last couple years.

As a backup I also bring Starbucks Via instant, but it’s not often used.

Came here to say this.

Also, I like roasting my own coffee straight over the fire in an iron skillet. Mmmmm.