Collapsible Ladder

I see on the GFC website that their ladder is out of stock. Anyone know of another ladder that’s compatible with the GFC. And does the GFC ladder somehow lock into the extrusion or does it just lean against it?

The search button is your friend. From another post about ladders. Amazing was supposed to be Amazon.

I emailed them yesterday and they are anticipating getting more in stock in the next couple of weeks,

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We have had quite a time sourcing things with the state of the world. We are working every day on getting all products back in stock and keeping them that way.


I ordered a ladder in March to be picked up in the shop. With the delay of the install due to COVID, apparently they didn’t hold my ladder. Now, I’ve had the camper for over a month and still haven’t received the ladder. I emailed two weeks ago and they stated I would have by now delivered to my door.

Edit: Received!

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I was told to check the website as they were anticipating receiving more early next week.

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I checked GFC’s website daily for weeks and was able to snag one last week as they had some come available.

Just ordered one off their website.

I’m on the list too! (Don’t forget me lol)

Patience in this world environment is a must. All supply chains are hurting. When y’all get 'em, I’m here. lol

Just picked mine up. Having it shipped. Don’t want to happen to me what happened to derekvieira. Now all I need is my camper.

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I sent you an email sir.

I got this Roofnest ladder as an alternative.


I’ve been looking at alternatives. How do you like it? What did you use for the brackets to hook onto?

Its great and solid. The ladder came with the mounts.

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Let’s get the skinny on those hookups in the extrusion! And a closeup photo!

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That looks like a much better design than the one GFC had; seems like there was hardly any bite on their hook and would easily become unstable once weight was applied. I like this idea much better, thanks for sharing!

I bought a ladder from iKamper, but it did NOT come with any attachments. After a couple of false starts, I created something similar to tue.tran’s Roofnest attachments. With two hole heights, I can attach the ladder on ground that’s not always level. I had a couple of extra 2" deck attachments, so they should be good for outdoor use. Enjoyed another night out last Friday before biking with friends, and our first real rain–we stayed dry!


Beware GFC ladder users. Just noticed after using my ladder 6x or so that the ladder presses against the extrusion and has made small but concerning scrapes on the top of the black extrusion. I could imagine after years of uses this area is going to get beat up. I am planning to wrap the last couple of inches of the ladder with bicycle tub and zip tie.


This will definitely change with the angle the ladder is deployed. I don’t use mine all the time but definitely more than 6X with a wide deployment and haven’t had issues with scratches. Although the tube idea is a good one I think regardless.