Colorado Family Meet Up

Hey GFC community. I’m wanting to feel out if there’s interest in a family friendly meet-up sometime this summer? I’d love to meet others and share camping tips and builds, let the kiddos run around with some other little wild ones. Non families welcome too of course, as long as you don’t mind the chaos! Interest level will influence location significantly but I’d like to find somewhere with hiking/biking from camp and definitely some dirt to get there (stock friendly). Cheers


Thanks for putting this out there, definitely interested!

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100 percent in for sure!

Don’t have any kids of my own but I’m that crazy uncle everyone loves!


Crazy uncles welcome! I’ve got one of my own who may join us.

Also, would really like to meet other GFC moms/women, I don’t think I’ve met another one yet face to face!

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This sounds pretty rad! We’ve met quite a few women and families here at install and out at events/ meetups who love their GFC, so hopefully there’s a good turnout!


Awesome. I’m in Arvada and just got my GFC yesterday! I have two boys (2 & 5). Planning to get them out quite a bit this summer!


@mjphoto welcome to the family gfc club!

Everyone else- thinking we should do something squarly in summer to ensure best weather and mostly likely family attendance (totally respect not all families camp year round, depends on the kiddo). Maybe late July? I really dont have a strong preference and we generally do camp year round

Bringing this back up to the top…

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id be down, located in Golden

I am not savvy enough to make a poll…how do folks feel about mid Aug to time with the meteor shower? How far are you all wanting to travel? I’ve been falling in love with Steamboat area more and more but thats a long drive for anyone more in South Colorado.

A vote for steamboat! Haha…. I may be a bit biased though!

A meteor shower you say? I do have access to 70 acres of land on top of a mountain with no trees and unfettered views for that!


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@OverlandKyle well obviously thats sounds amazing! If not your property maybe you know another big spot. One of the struggles I have in organzing this is planning for a group site. We are the type of folks who squirl down random forest roads until we find a spot…nothing ever planned ha! DM me if you want to coordinate more…also interested to learn more about purchasing property out there…

And yes, annual meteor shower usually peaks about Aug 13. EarthSky | Perseid meteor shower: All you need to know in 2023

I pick up my GFC June 16 in MT. Would love to hook up!!


Yo! Ok so we’re planning to head to Steamboat area Friday Aug 11 to Monday Aug 14. No idea where specifically yet, will be a busy weekend up there. Would be awesome to get a group together. Family friendly but having kids definitely not a requirement. Please only bring kid friendly pups though.

Our wild kiddos are 3 and 6

Thats all I’ve got for now, chime in if you can make it.

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My apologies for the radio silence… been slammed with life and work, y’all know how it goes…

Still down for this although I’ll have to work part of the weekend, I can drop in and out…… probably can still get the use of the family land here

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Unfortunately looks like we will be having visitors (family) that weekend and unable to make it. Hopefully can find a time to meet up with everyone at some point!

Definitely need some chill meetups during ski season (Ikon Pass anyone?).

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@OverlandKyle sounds good and no pressure on the land, we can definitely find a group spot on forest land. Let me know either way as the date approaches

@MBBME sorry to miss you (again? Times 3?), eventually we’ll meet! We have IKON passes.

I’m down for a fall meet up as well

Would love to do an IKON meet up here in Steamboat… I’m the Camp Manager at the Adaptive Sports program here in Steamboat and we have a 24 bed lodge here in town and if there aren’t any programs running during a specific time, probably can get everyone an helluva deal on lodging and we all know that during peak season, it’s almost impossible to find a place in town