Colorado Family Meet Up

Hey GFC community. I’m wanting to feel out if there’s interest in a family friendly meet-up sometime this summer? I’d love to meet others and share camping tips and builds, let the kiddos run around with some other little wild ones. Non families welcome too of course, as long as you don’t mind the chaos! Interest level will influence location significantly but I’d like to find somewhere with hiking/biking from camp and definitely some dirt to get there (stock friendly). Cheers


Thanks for putting this out there, definitely interested!

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100 percent in for sure!

Don’t have any kids of my own but I’m that crazy uncle everyone loves!


Crazy uncles welcome! I’ve got one of my own who may join us.

Also, would really like to meet other GFC moms/women, I don’t think I’ve met another one yet face to face!

This sounds pretty rad! We’ve met quite a few women and families here at install and out at events/ meetups who love their GFC, so hopefully there’s a good turnout!