Colorado GFC Members

60 plus inches of snow forecasted for steamboat in the next 10 days…. My view of the mountain from the office


Daaaang Its so awesome at the Boat! I’ll be up there the 21st riding with some friends on the sleeping indoors tip lol. I cant wait to get down up there.

I’m hoping to get up to Steamboat Monday night for Tuesdays tracks. If anyone in on the mountain or wants to meet up I’d love to say hey.

ill be headed to steamboat for wondergrass on thursday!

Steamboat local… hope to see y’all around town

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word! were staying in an air bnb over by the grand

You might see me at the base…. I’m the camp manager for STARS Adaptive there.

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Just purchased my camper, August install date set at Tru, CAN’T WAIT!!!


I have had mine for a year, it’s everything I have hoped for. Good luck and safe travels.

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Hello from Elizabeth! Just got my GFC installed last week. This was night one on the way back home. I may have opened it in the garage the other night just to hang out in :call_me_hand:


Welcome! SE Centennial here, not too far from you.

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Bringing this back up to the top…. I’ve been seeing so many GFCs lately, especially west of the Eisenhower Tunnel but quite a few in the Denver area too…. Introduce yourself if you haven’t!

Also still wanna set up a GFC camping trip for this summer!


idk if i have or not! but now live down by washpark and work in Rino.

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Was in Denver for 10+ years but now down in the San Juans, Pagosa Springs for the last 1.5 year. Grey Tacoma/Black GFC.

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Hello to all! This might be a long shot, however I drop off my rig at Bowen Customs for a bed install on the 17th of June and return for pick up on the 27th. To anyone who lives in the Denver area be willing to provide a ride on either day to or from the airport?

I rather meet like minded people and buy them lunch then pay for an uber ride! Thank you for any consideration!

Pictures for attention!

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Not a CO resident but i’ll be out there in a couple weeks.

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I live in Parkhill area and I see a bunch of GC’s around town!
I’m either in one or two of these trucks.
We all know which is for fun! lol

I might be able to on the 27th depending on schedule not sure with those things these days but if i can I’d come grab ya!