Colorado GFC Members

Truck was recovered and brought home this morning. no damage, minimal things missing. It was ultimately found less than a mile away from where it was taken from. Huge shout out to @GFC-Thayne and the GFC guys for the support and everyone in this community. unreal support from you all.

Now time for some beers and a nap…


@Bholm91 - Thanks for the shout! While the circumstances sucked, it’s great to hear the truck was nearby and unscathed. Big ups to this forum and everyone else who jumped in to help Ben out. :call_me_hand:

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Your post made me realize nothing is safe these days…especially in Denver. I ended up putting in Apple Airtags in both my truck and in the camper. I found some waterproof tag holders with 3M tape and secured them in not-so-obvious places.

i pulled the interior this weekend and deep cleaned as well as hid an airtag in the truck and today im going to find a spot for one in the GFC

anyone interested in coming to the Billy Strings festival in Buena Vista this weekend. my friend has two extra tickets with camping included. They also have early entry (thursday) included. looking to sell for Face value