Compiling Measurement Database

Hi All,

I thought that it would be cool for DIYers and makers to put together a database of measurements on different models of campers to have as a database to reference when making stuff.
I know some of this is scattered through other topics but compiling a shared spreadsheet for everyone to access could be helpful.

I put together this one (GFC - Side Panel Measurement Chart - 2024) because I am interested in sewing up some frame bags for other truck models (currently only make 6’ Tacoma ones) but let me know if there is interest in compiling measurement databases on other areas and I can setup tabs for other areas.



Cool idea. I will add mine once I pick it up.

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Good idea.

Main Support Tube Radius: 1.252"

Updated. I’m unsure what measurement K is.

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Awesome! I updated the text for K. “Center of front bottom bolt to edge of inner front weather stripping”.
There is a diagram below the measurements that explains it better.

Got it. I could’ve sworn that measurement on the Tacoma was ~18" last night so I couldn’t find something close on the Gladiator.

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Yeah, I accidently had J and K swapped but noticed it when I saw your dimensions.
Here is a screenshot of the 5’ Gladiator layout. It should be pretty close if you ever needed a reference to make custom parts that fit that space.