Condensation under mattress with tent closed?

Popped the tent open for the first time in a few weeks and I realized there was quite a bit of condensation(?) under the mattress and around the space frame. I assume it’s not rain getting through because it’s really only between the tent floor and the mattress. Anyone have solutions to this? Anti-condensation mats?

This happened in my CVT and my GFC.

Usually will happen with extreme temperature shifts and if there is moisture in the air. When the warmer air comes in contact with the metal like that, condensation is what usually occurs. Happens in houses on windows as well, this is just trapped now inside a closed environment.

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This was a big part of my water intrusion issues. I do think it’s mostly condensation like others have said, but I also think it’s the water drainage holes getting overwhelmed in heavy rain. Basically the water can’t evacuate fast enough and it gets caught in the track where the mattress lays.


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