Corrosion on tent frame

My V1 is a year old. There is corrosion all over the black powder coated tent “frame.” I wash it frequently but does not seem to make a difference…. Seems like it’s coming from beneath powder coat since there are raised corrosion boils almost like braille everywhere. GFC assures me this is normal? Anyone else experience this/know how to combat it? I was told this was an extremely durable finish.

You have any pics you could share?

How is that normal? A lot of people are starting to report this. Sounds like they don’t want to be responsible. Damn.

And it’s even worse now. Those pics are a couple months old…

Maybe this post will help. Taylor from gfc chimed in a ways down with some advice. Yours is way worse for sure, but does look like staining on the anodizing vs rust under powdercoat.

Ah thanks. Yeah I’ve liaised with Taylor quite a bit… good dude. Unfortunately this ain’t no soap and water job. I’ve tried the scotchbrite thing with some diluted vinegar…. Didn’t do a damned thing. I think this is corrosion that was sealed in beneath whatever coating they used. But if anybody else has any input, or remedies or advice, I’m all ears.

A bummer. Hope someone else can chime in with something more helpful.

One year old V1 #809 owner here having the same issue…it seems to be propagating over all powdercoat including the areas not exposed. Super bummed…