Cup/can Solution in Bed Area

Wondering if anyone has a solution to some sort of a permanent or mobile solution to holding cans/ cups in the tent - bed area to prevent spilling. I’m sure I’m not the only one that has spilled a few beers in the bed area so curious what other people do.

Was thinking a little tray or something might help and also came across this thing that looks pretty slick.

Couch console

This one was a cool idea. Haven’t seen any other solution. Tacoma Cup Holder

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i’ve seen these mentioned a few times:

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I was meaning for the upstairs ‘bed’ not for the truck bed but these are cool I saw the post on them

I like my magnetic coozies, but they may not be as handy with all the aluminum on a V2?

I’ll sometimes bring a shoe into the tent and use it as a cup holder. It works pretty good.


Ooo I love that move. That’s the tech I was looking for