Custom Heat Shield window cover for GFC

Hi y’all!
I know that some of us have DIYed solutions for covering the rear window of the GFC and there is at least one aftermarket product that I’m aware of:

I use Heat Shield window covers for the cab so I ordered another windshield one with the intent of cutting it to size. It turns out they can make custom sizes, so I requested one for the rear of the GFC.

I like it because it uses suction cups to attach to the window rather than having to install the magnetic tabs for other solutions.

Anyway, just sharing it here in case anyone is interested


I had a nice set for my old Landcruiser that were made in Australia. Super great quality and the price was right. Did you reach out to them directly for the panel? Seems like they are out of stock.

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Yes, I actually ordered one for a semi truck window thinking I could cut it to size with plenty to spare to account for screw-ups. They actually contacted me asking for photos of the windshield to aid them in product development. I told them what it was actually for and they mailed me out a patterning kit to trace the window and return.

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I realized I forgot to include ordering info.

“The cost of the Heatshield will be $54.95, not including tax/shipping. We can make the same custom Heatshield for your team/friends. Please let them know to contact us at the phone number below when they are ready to place their order for this custom Heatshield. Also, tell them to provide us with this part number, H654100, so that we can send them the same custom pattern as yours.”

Contact info

Jorge Godinez

Ph: (408) 738-3959 xt. 101
Toll Free: 800/777-6405
Fax: 408/738-2729


Thanks!!! Will be ordering once my bank account recovers a bit from some other expenses

Nice. Is that part number for a Standard or XL camper?

I can’t tell what truck you have and not sure if there is actually a difference in windows sizes between the two versions. Looks like a V2 camper (again maybe no change in window size from v1).

Yes, sorry I should have clarified. It is for a V2 standard camper. I’m also not sure if the Standard and XL have the same size rear windows. Pictured on my 3rd Gen Tacoma DCLB

Hey guys!

Here’s a couple of pics of Overland Softgoods Rear Window Cover. We use a material called LowE (e for emmisivity) sandwiched between two layers of mil spec, water proof, mold resistant fabric. The outside fabric will be black and you have a choice of interior color fabric. If you are using our GFC sheet sets and want to match colors we make it easy. I will get these loaded onto our website by the weekend with color options and pricing and a complete description of the product.

Here’s the prototype that we built for my camper.

Please let me know what you think!


That’s cool that you guys do sheet sets. Any possibility of ordering a custom color sheet set? I’d be willing to pay a premium, if so. Thanks!

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Hey Scott,
Heck, I just had the rear window tinted. How does it stay on the rear window? and Are you considering a cover for the front camper window?
Please advise

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Hi Robert, we can make a cover for the front window, too. I’ll work one up and include it on the website.

We make insulated window covers for van builders and have used rare-earth magnets in that product extensively. Awhile back, one of our van builder customers asked us to use suction cups in their design but they abandoned that idea pretty quickly in favor of magnets.


Take my money!!! Ordering one this weekend when the site goes live!


Awesome, thanks for sharing. I just talked to Jorge and got one ordered for myself. Tough to beat that price point.

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Ordered one myself. More for privacy. Not a bad price either.

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@WrinkledPants… Anticipation is killing me… Will the pricing come in anywhere close to the pricing for the heat shield?

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Hey Kyle! We are finalizing production costs tomorrow. I don’t think you will be shocked or disappointed by our price on the window covers.


In that case, put me down for production #001!

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Looks great. I am waiting for your WIK though! :smiley:

Waiting on the pricing and orderability of the rear window cover and the WIK as well

Scott, any update on the release date for this and other products you’re working on?