Denver to Bozeman and back suggestions


We are picking up our GFC soon and are coming from denver. Was thinking to do yellowstone and tetons but we have our dog with us so national parks are difficult.

Looking to make it around 3 days if anyone has suggestions on routes!


A couple possible stops for easy dispersed camping

-pull over in buffalo and head up hey 16 into the big horns

-head over to Laramie then run down 230 into medicine bow. Make your way down to Poudre canyon and enjoy the ride


Granite Hot Springs and campground are about 2 hours outside of the Tetons.


Thanks for the suggestions!

Read ahead on the Poudre Canyon conditions if you decide to go that way. That’s my local canyon and we’ve had lots of road and campground closures lately.
Monsoon rains are causing flooding and mudslides after last year’s huge fire. :frowning: it is beautiful when it’s open!

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Thanks to the OP for posting this. I will be making this same trip…sometime (build 2171) and need some suggestions. Any more areas to explore?

Following as well! I’ll be headed up sometime (Build #2327) in the future and always looking for ideas.

Well, we had a blast of a trip! Ended up going south to west Yellowstone and camped out at Targhee Creek trailhead in ID. Next, we went south and crossed into the Tetons via Ashton-Flagg ranch lake road then ended up camping outside of the Tetons down HWY 26 off flagstaff rd. Next we went to Dubois WY and headed into Shoshone near double cabin campground!

It turned out amazing and expectations were low since it was all based off google maps and ON X haha.


Looks fun! We are taking the trip from Denver this Friday for our install but have to get there and back over a weekend so planning to camp in Big Horn WY NF area both ways.


Looks like a great trip and an amazing rig! :metal:


That TRX with a GFC absolutely looks the business! Same color combo gfc/truck as my Power Wagon/GFC. I will have to keep an eye out for you in the Denver area.

Trying to figure out boondocking/NF camping opportunities around Yellowstone for our pickup next month, so I really appreciate you sharing!

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For anyone needing to do the trip quickly (and I say need because I don’t think anyone would do it quickly for fun, lol): We left Friday afternoon because I had to work and drove as far as we could, made just past Hardin MT and stayed on a random dirt pull out off I-80 by a cell tower (45.7527625, -107.8540951)

Coming back was better, install was 2pm Saturday, left the shop at 4pm and were able to make it to the eastern edge of BigHorn NF before it was completely dark (44.7942188, -107.9877560) this is a sweet little spot that I found on iOverland. Perfect first night in the GFC because I wouldn’t have loved the spot with a tent but in the GFC it was magical. Drove all the way back Sunday in time for dinner.

It was crazy, especially with two little kids in tow, but we got it done and have our GFC!

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Heading up in late September- plan to haul ass up, and mozey back down, skirting the east side of the Windy’s. Should we bring the mtb’s?

I’ll be heading up next week to finally pick up the GFC! Stoked! Also going to haul ass up there and camp in the way back. Buddy heater, a fire and some star lights FTW

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Heading up for 11/12 install from Denver and will unfortunately be hauling ass up and back. Looking forward to seeing more GFCs around town!


Heading up from Littleton next weekend. Leaving Thursday after work. Staying in Daniel, WY Thursday night, then going to explore Yellowstone/Tetons on Friday. Install Saturday morning, then plan to camp up shadow mountain near the Tetons Saturday night. Little bit more exploring Sunday morning, then heading back to Littleton.

Getting mine installed Sunday Dec 12th. Excited. Still planning my trip. I’m in Greeley area.


Had a great trip, came back through Yellowstone, then headed down 285 to Dubois and camped about 15 minutes out of Dubois at Red Canyon off the Windy River St a free spot right by the river, right off the highway. Actually a really great spot right there. The sounds of the River drowned out the highway noise and the moon and stars put on a hell of a show. If i has another day i would have gone west thought Craig/steamboat area but i had to get back. First night in the camper was awesome as to be expected! Yellowstone colors were popping, saw a bear, a moose, some geysers and some bison.


Any recommendations for spots in Yellowstone? Did you have to make any reservations? We are heading up from Denver July 29th for a 30th install then working our way down for a few days. Neither of have been to yellowstone as adults so we really want to stay a night if not two.

I would REALLY recommend making reservations if you plan on staying in the park. You’re looking at peak season crowds at that time.

There are decent spots in the NF north of Yellowstone an hour or so. Maybe stay in the NF the night of your install and in the park the following night? That would give you at least a day or two to drive the loop and do some day hikes.