Diesel Heater for winter warmth!

Hey guys,

This is my solution for keeping warm during winter / snow camping up here in the PNW!

Anyone else using a similar set up? If so how are you pumping the heat in to the tent?

If you’d like to utilize any of my designed parts please find my thingiverse account in the description to download the 3D printable parts.

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I picked one up. My plan is to run it outside the truck and use a 3" hose and bring it in through the big flap on the back of the tent.

I’d love to hear other ideas!

thats a solid Idea, I am trying to figure out how to mount the panel that I built for my land rover application (shown in the video). Ideally, would like to have that whole panel inside the tent because the thermostat, which helps regulate temp, would be there too.

Really NICE set up Bro!!

I just watched your video. You did an amazing job setting this up!! I really like it! Mine is caveman style in comparison! haha

haha got pics of your setup?

I am building a similar setup. Thanks for the vid!

Just tested out the Advanced Composites Portable Planar heater, super impressed and love your build! If only I were as mechanical to be able to make one myself.

I wired up the heater to my aux battery so all i do is set the suitcase outside the truck on the ground, plug in two wires, run the heater hose into the side of the GFC and thats it! Setup in under 30 seconds.

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What type of duct is that?

I have a Chinese diesel heater hooked up to a flexible dryer vent duct and it gets so hot you can’t touch it. I need a better duct!

Are you running a 2kw or 5kw? The difference in ducting is 60mm vs 75mm.

Just go on eBay and search diesel heater duct. Then purchase the right size.

The one I’m running for my 2kw is similar to this https://www.ebay.com/itm/392927955034

I don’t know if its worth going though all that trouble to heat a tent. Buy a warmer sleeping bag. Its probably cheaper and definitely easier.


Have a warm sleeping bag. Wife doesn’t fit in it with me. Haha


Is what we use for hiking and camping. She fits in it just fine :wink:

Yikes. Cost me half to build my heater.

Initial cost, yes, but it never needs fuel to keep you warm. There is no tank that needs refilling, you can take the quilt anywhere. Use it like a comforter, a blanket, can take it backpacking and it will always keep you warm.

But mine is cooler…


I’d rather cuddle with the wife. I’m not scared. I’ll go with the blanket

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Having the diesel heater makes the camping experience much more enjoyable for all sleeping both in the tent and around the fire, if you get cold you just put it under your chair and its a seat warmer. This is definitely luxury camping/cheating but if it lets me put more nights in the GFC I’m all for it. Northern Michigan definitely gets cold…


I have an add a room on my awning, and I’ve been using the diesel heater to heat up the room.

If we had a fire, my gf would have gone to bed at dark. The diesel heater keeps her warm and out of the sleeping bag for hours!

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I mounted my controls and thermostat in the “cubby” area on my 2012 Taco. My heater is fired with propane but love the diesel kit you did!