Discolored side rails?

I’m truly falling in love with you guys​:heart::heart::heart::heart:!!!
I keep learning so much here on the GFC forums… Thank you very much for the info as it was very informative.
Keep up the great work in improving your products! Chuck


Thanks for the update.

What prompted the new drain holes?

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Great question as I forgot to add that in my post!!

More water flow, albeit the one’s on @Toyoyotaco’s camper shouldn’t have passed QC. We cleaned them up for him, and that process is dialed now.

@ace7196 I’ll have to check with the design team and get back to you on the specific type of anodizing.


This is awesome! Don’t even know why I was worried. Every time there is a change it is always for the better. I am interested in knowing what type of anodizing it is though

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I understand that the new drain holes offer more water flow, but I was more interested in why they were required.

Were people experiencing problems with a lack of drainage?
Was debris clogging the original holes?
Was water backing up & infiltrating the tent?
Is this something that people should consider adding to their older GFCs?

I haven’t noticed any drainage problems, but maybe I should be paying more attention.


And yet again another great question I was going to ask!!

Seriously, this is a great forum. They really did take a long look into it and got it all fixed up. So yeah soap and water only no automatic car washes for me. It’s a monthly subscription I get to cancel and an excuse to buy a power washer for the home. Just need to see where I can wash it best and not get other cars wet in the process. (City living)