Drilling hole and rubber grommet for solar panel wiring?

Going to replace the old flexible panel and wiring that prior owner had installed. Don’t think that panel is putting out more than 5w anyways. PO had the wire run down the side and into the top corner under the side panel, with some silicon smushed into it for water protection.

I just ordered rubber grommet kit and thinking about drilling hole into front fixed panel behind the cab. I’m assuming others have done this. Any tips on size hole/grommet for solar panel wiring? Did you have to add any rubber silicon to completely make the hole air/water tight? Recommendation on hole placement? I’m assuming below roofline to help with wind/water intrusion when driving.

I ran mine like that. Two holes, fixed panel in upper passenger corner with small cord grips from Amazon. Been 2 years no issues.

Why two holes? Because two wires? versus one larger hole for both to pass through?

Also, what are the cord grips you mention? Link?

thank you.

nvm. found the cord grips. very nice…

here is how I did mine.

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I used a pair of marine cable glands on my install

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Run the wire underneath the bed and up. Super easy and you don’t have to drill holes in your GFC


I don’t have a GFC yet, but I’m going to be installing a solar panel on my current camper shell. Planning on using this. Maybe this will work for you so you don’t have to drill 2 holes. I’m planning on using the same setup whenever i do get a GFC


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I bought one of those for my project but passed on it. Originally I was going to go through the honeycomb on the floor of the overhang but I was concerned that it would become one more maintenance item having to reseal based on some long term reviews. If you do use that style cover make sure you also install a grommet in the hole so you don’t cut up the wiring as there is no protection where the wiring pass through.

I went ahead and drilled a pair of quick holes in the aluminum instead with a step bit and used just the glands without the plastic cover.


Yep used two cable glands. Used a spade bit to drill the holes through the aluminum. Silicon isn’t needed

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Elliot, this is exactly what I was thinking but had only planned on using rubber grommets, not these ones you folks are all using, which appear much more secure and cleaner looking.

damn, that looks good

I have two 100 watt panels and only ran one wire. I also went with an Ecoflow Delta 2 because I want to be able to us it away from the pickup. I also have a 200 watt portable solar panel that I can use away from the pickup or if I am under a tree.

I only drilled one hole large enough that the connector fit.
The last photo shows a tiewrap. After sealing the grommet I put a tiewrap on both sides of the grommet to prevent movement from breaking the seal.
I know there are better compression fittings but Ace Hardware doesn’t sell them. LOL

Here are some photos.

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I did it this way so I could easily unplug the panels and use them on my trailer if I needed some more juice. I bought the connector as part of a kit from Explorists.life. I have two 100 watt panels on top of my tent. I’m think about putting two more panels on a slide out shelf under the tent so I can get 400 watts total. More for the trailer than the truck though but then I could more easily run Starlink 24/7 from solar.