Drivers Side Swinging Bike Rack?

Looking for help finding swinging bike racks that swing to the drivers side. Or just problem solving my Ford Maverick License plate issues

Full disclosure I don’t own my GFC yet, I am getting it in June.

I just picked up a Ford Maverick and when I put my Rockymounts Backstage bike rack on it that I had previously I realized that the swing arm of the rack fully blocks my license plate.
The license plate on the Maverick is on the lower left bumper, so if my rack swung the other way, to the drivers side, it would not pose this problem.
Only rack I can find is the RakAttach that can swing either direction. Does anyone know of other options? Or other creative solutions?

Heyo- Not sure of any other driver side options, but if it were me, I’d snag a RIGd Supply Ultraswing and add their license plate kit.

@ChrisfromRIGd also made this topic if you’re curious to ask questions or learn more about them via the forum.

Hope that helps! :metal:

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1UP RakAttach and Kuat Pivot are both pretty awesome and they offer the ability to flip either way in case you change the vehicle or change your mind.

Rigd had a sneak peak on something similar recently, just not sure if it’s a one off or a future product

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I run a backstage as well and all I did was get a Rigd plate Mount and put that on the swing out and Bob’s your uncle

Thanks for the mention @Thayne!
The RIGd swing out that will be coming out will be able to be mounted to swing to the driver or passenger side so for all the Maverick owners, it will not block your license plate!

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Looks like you need your CO plates!

Awesome. That’s my ticket, thanks @overlandkyle.
Also … awesome Jersey plates… I am from Jersey too!

Thanks @Thayne. I’m gonna just slap the license plate on my Rockymounts for now. Given it is still a Maverick , not sure I need as hefty a rack as that… pretty sure the maverick would break way before I hit anything rugged enough to test that rack lol

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Ah… I’m sorry… took me years and years to escape but I finally did… where in Jersey?

Hahaha, I totally get it. That said, I feel the exact opposite, there is nowhere I have found I would rather live than where I am.

45minutes to the beach
1 hour to skiing
45 minutes to NYC
45 minutes to Philadelphia
4 major International airports all within 90 minutes to bring me anywhere else I want to go at the drop of a hat.
Regional airport 15 minutes away to take me anywhere domestically
100+miles of hiking and biking trails out my back door
Not a neighbor in sight.
All my family within 45 minutes.

Couldn’t ask for more in my book, That said, everyone has different needs/ desires obviously.
NJ checks all mine…except taxes… that part sucks

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My entire family is still there and your description of your location tells me exactly where you are and we were neighbors, if it’s where I’m thinking of, I’m from the same area :slight_smile:

I do go back to visit on a regular basis so there’s that :slight_smile: