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Hey Guys and Gals!
My name is Chris and I work at RIGd Supply! We know that a lot of GFC owners also use our products and we wanted to open the floor for anyone to be able to ask questions about the UltraSwing and all accessories!

We look forward to talking to you guys! :beers:


When is the mega-table that was teased on insta coming out :slight_smile:

Im glad you joined us here. I love the idea of the swing out, but I have no use for a spare tire carrier, at least not yet. Is there an option that carries bike(s), cooler and/or storage box (diesel heater), and water/fuel containers, instead of a tire?

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Soon! We don’t have a definitive timeline but we are working on it!

There absolutely is! The UltraSwing has a secondary swinging hitch that allow you to carry bikes and swing them out to access the back of your vehicle without removing them! The SideHack allows you to carry a Rotopax on the front side and you can carry a 5 gallon gas or water can with the JerryRig. We don’t currently make any box mounts for the UltraSwing but you can utilize the holes on the front of the c-channel to bolt on a box!

Hello Chris,

Welcome to the GFC forum and asking us Rigd and GFC Owners for some feedback. I am going to take this opportunity to provide you with some feedback as an owner of both products and not use this opportunity as a bitching session. I find it counterproductive to criticize without also sharing the good.


  1. The swing arm is a great piece of engineering and in the 2 years I have had it on my 2018 Ram 1500 is has performed flawlessly. This thing does not rattle nor move even in rough road conditions. It has always functioned as it was marketed by Rigd. The modular functionality is great. I have been able to add or remove some of the components I have purchased after installation of the original unit. This flexibility has allowed me to tailor equipment needed to the overland trip I will be undertaking. Engineering A++

  2. Powder Coating - the powder coating process used on the swing arms has stood up pretty well for the 2 years I have owned the swing arm system. It is showing signs of rust, although in my part of the country winters are mild. Powder coating a B.

I installed the Rigd swing arm system onto my truck about 3 months after I toke delivery. It was stored in the original box, in my garage. Shortly after installation and prior to actual use of the front-runner table that came with the swing arm. I noticed rust in the latch and other areas. I posted my concerns on the Rigd forum (posted under Uncategorized - Quality of powder coating) and called Rigd. I was told that the table was a Front-runner product and that was it. I called front-runner and they told me I didn’t buy the table from them and I needed to talk to Rigd!! Talking about getting the runaround on a $1500 product (for the entire system)! Customer Service: D (2 years ago)

Even after all my frustration, I believe Rigd produces a quality product. However, I am concerned about your outsourcing relationship with other companies and accepting inferior products under your banner (powder coating). In my case, I worked around the rust and have been using the swing arm system. Suggestion - 1. monitor your forum like GFC does and ensure that concerns about quality expressed in the forum are addressed. 2. Ensure that all products outsourced are of the same quality or better than what you produce.

Chris you asked for feedback!


Awesome products. Designed and engineered extremely well.

I think my Tacoma has influenced 3 different purchases in my neighborhood… ha ha.

Best swing out tire carrier on the market. AND great people to buy from!

Hey Robert!

Thanks for for your feedback!
We are sorry that you had that experience with our customer service team two years ago. Everyone who was in customer service then has since moved on and I have since taken over would be happy to take your call and help you out if you are still having issues with your Front Runner Table.
We do not have anything against Front Runner but there are many reasons why we stopped adapting their table to the UltraSwing and decided to design and manufacture our own table to specifically fit the UltraSwing. The UltraTable was ultimately designed to be stronger and lighter fold down table that will provide a better experience for the UltraSwing user and gives a platform to build off of for all future products!

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Hey Donald!

We’re so happy to hear that!! We appreciate your support!

One thing I want to add is how much i appreciate the 180 degrees swing radius of the rigd. The truck simple wouldnt fit into the garage unless i did this every day.

Even doing it everyday there is no signs of wear or anything related to the hinge or the ultra latch. Everything is quality.

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I have been modifying my swing arm to hold a box, LPG tank, Jerry can, shovel, and traction boards. It’s a work in progress. There’s been some issues to work out, but it’s coming along.

Here are some pictures of the finished product. The LP tank is attached to a Rago Fabrication Pax Mount. I relocated the license plate and light under the box, and the rear view camera onto the front of the box. Total weight of the RIGd with accessories and fuels (empty box) is about 225 lbs.

Due to the size and the weight, the box and both of the gas and LP containers need to be removed before the swing arm can be mounted or removed from the hitch.




Hey Gary!

That’s absolutely awesome! We love to see customers get creative with what can be mounted on the UltraSwing and making it work for exactly what they need! As always, make sure the load on the swinging arm is under 250 lbs.

Very cool. That’s basically what I had pictured but + a bike rack. Will need to tally up the weight and see if it’s doable.

Hi Chris,

A few questions here…

1.) It looks like the Ramblerack has to be fully extended off the back of the truck full time OR be dismantled when not being used. No capability to fold it up as with the 1Up? (Understood that the Rigd is more durable).
2.) If I have a 3rd party swinggate already, is it true that if it is equipped with a 2" hitch tube, that is all that is needed for compatibility?
3.) If I have two hitch tubes on the swingate for installing one rablerack above the other for mounting two bikes (Ultraswing above/ Long Stinger below), it sees that this would mitigate the “diving board effect” compared to having two bikes on a single extension. Is this correct?
4.) If above is correct; how far apart should the 2 hitch tubes be? I’d put one tube on the lower tube of the swing ate, but not sure how much higher the 2nd needs to be…Ideally, I do not want the higher bike to be higher than the clearance of the GFC which is on a Tacoma. Is there a minimum height difference that the 2 tubes should be spaced apart?
Upper & Lower Bike Racks

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5.) I guess 1 more question. My understanding is that Rigd customers with existing swingates with your Rambletracks cannot purchase Rigd UltraLatches. They have to purchase the Rigd Ultraswing? Is that correct?

Hey there!
Thanks for all the very thoughtful question!

  1. The RambleRack with the short or long stinger is static and does not fold up but does not need to be full dismantled when you remove it, you just need to undo the wedge bolt and pull the stinger out of the receiver and the tray can stay assembled to the stinger. We do have a folding version of the RambleRack that can be folded up when not in use.
  2. If you have a swing out that is not an UltraSwing you can absolutely use the RambleRack as long as the hitch you are inserting it into has an open back (if using a short or long stinger)
  3. In theory, using a bike rack in the main receiver and one in the swinging receiver would mitigate the diving board affect typically seen but it is impossible to do because they will end up in the same plane and interfere with one another. The only way to get around that is to have one of the stingers substantially longer than the other and at that point you have recreated the diving board affect. The c-channel mount used with the short stinger in the swinging hitch offers enough distance vertically between the bikes and off-sets the bikes just enough that you are able to mount them both as pictured and eliminate the diving board affect that a normal two bike rack produces. If you were to try and put one bike rack in the main receiver and one in the secondary receiver you would not be able to swing open the carrier at all and would be better off just using the two bike pivot directly in your hitch.
  4. The minimum distance that needs to be between the RambleRack in the swinging hitch and the one mounted with the c-channel mount is going to vary based on the sizes of the bikes that are being mounted. We would recommend starting at the highest setting on the c-channel to give yourself the safest amount of room and go down if there is room.
  5. Anyone can purchase the UltraLatch. The $100 price is our cost to manufacture the latch and we pass that on to our existing customers as a thank you for their continued support. Anyone who can use an UltraLatch with their swing out can purchase the UltraLatch for $200. If you are interested in purchasing one you can reach out to us at support@rigdsupply.com and we can send over an invoice.


Thanks so much for the fat response! I should probably rephrase my question about having 2 tubes on the swingate. Understood that if a rableraco was in the main tube, there would be a collision…
My question is how far apart do the 2 tubes need to be if they are both on the swingate? Here’s a visual aid…Possibly there is a better solution to putting 2 bikes on the gate?
Does the Channel Mount require a proprietary connector in lieu of a spare tire mount?

Thanks again!!

Hi Chris. Nevermind, I got it all figured out. Thanks for all of your help. The only thing I can’t figure out is how to order a fold up versions of the Ramble Racks (Long & short Stingers). I’ll try to post some pics here of the final product. Cheers!