F-150/Raptor Wind Noise

That would be great
Thanks the_philxx for the offering

Old thread, but…… anyone who is using the Frontrunner fairing on the t tracks have any luck keeping the angle set? I put one on shortly after picking up my camper last week, but can’t get the bolts tight enough on the mounts to keep it at my desired angle. Shortly after getting to highway speed, the fairing flips down, against the top of my cab and starts squeaking like crazy.

someone ought to fab some proper looking fairings for GFCs… these all look a little disproportionately small, even if they work.

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Sorry - didn’t see this. I did send it to someone but don’t remember who.

Anyways - I don’t really love the fairing. It looks cool and when positioned right looks really cool - but it squeaks SO MUCH no matter what I do that I have to angle it up so it doesn’t touch the roof at all and then it looks stupid.

Someone make a better one which knows that the cab and the bed/camper move independently - I will be your first customer.

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Odd, I rarely get any squeaking with mine.

That’s what mine does, too. One of these days I am going to get a deeper fairing, like 12", so that when it goes down, it will still have a good angle that stays aerodynamic.

I am going to have my neighbor’s metal shop fab up a fairing that also includes drip rails. It’ll be deep—maybe not 12" but probably enough to have a 45* or more angle to the cab.

Suppose I could convince them to make a small batch if it worked on mine and others were potentially interested? DM me. I’m guessing ballpark price would probably be $500-$600.

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Hey @KOM-Chaser if you need any measurements for the Drip Rail aspect hit me up and i’d be happy to pass on the info.

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Interested but that’s a bit steep for an accessory like this. Will you get a prototype before running a small batch? Would at least want to make sure it works well as that is a bit of an investment.

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agree—but I rationalize the price through MPG savings. 1-2mpg and it pays for itself in 2-3 years.

For sure - not saying outright no - but want to make sure it works before buying in. I already have a frontrunner fairing and JE drip rails so it is a bit redundant anyways, but always down to support the cause!


On my 2022 F150 Lightning, the Frontrunner fairing doesn’t seem like it does much, as it is much less than45 def from the rail. I’m getting a 12” fairing from Colorado Fairings, custom made. Will be 55” at the roof, and 59” at the top, to match the Ford and GFC. When it comes, I’ll post how it does.

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Ooh I’ll be very keen to hear how this custom fairing works for you, and approx how much it co$t$. I went with the Frontrunner fairing, which definitely cut out that 40-52mph wind noise. But I just can’t get the fairing to keep set at an angle. I tried to epoxy the angle set bolt assembly, but that only held for about a week. It’s worthless if it is going to be almost vertical, squeaking against the cab all the time.

I saw someone parked at the end of my street one day who had a one piece metal fairing that mounted to the side extrusions. I walked down there later to put a note on their windshield, but the truck was gone, and for all the GFCs I am now seeing around Durango, I haven’t seen that truck again.

Which fairing did y’all get? I ordered the “Wind Fairing for Rack / 1475mm(W)” about a week ago. Haven’t had a chance to install it yet because I didn’t realize I also needed the GFC t-nuts. I did line it up and it covers about 90% of the width of the GFC (east-west). I would like it it were a little taller (north-south). Installing the GFC dropped me from 18ish mpg to 15ish mpg on a '22 F150 ecoboost. Hoping to at least get some of that back and but mainly cut down on the wind noise.


Here is my '22 F-150 Lightning with a brand new Colorado Fairing on it, custom made 55" bottom edge, 59" top. I bolted it right onto the Front Runner fairing I already had, with the GFC up, so It wouldn’t interfere. Works great, quieter than the Front Runner which always squeaked due to the rubber. the Colorado sits on a rubber tube, and is silent so far. (Bolted up to the Colorado, the FR’s rubber is now off the roof).

FYI: https://www.cofairingco.com/ (I am not connected or paid by them. I wish!)

The new Colorado Fairing
Don’t know yet how it will effect my range. Will let you guys know when I have driven it a while.

the original Front Runner, now covered by the Colorado Fairing


Very interested to hear your impressions and results!

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I just did a 442 mile road trip yesterday, on the freeway. I would say my mileage was about 5% better, when it wasn’t raining too much. When the rain was crazy and speeds were only in the 40’s, I doubt it mattered much. Definitely improved the noise of the GFC a huge amount! While the noise isn’t a big deal, it is nice for listening to music.

Here’s a DIY fairing I made out of 45* brackets, 1/4" plexiglass, plywood trim channel, and some rubber tape. I vinyl-wrapped the plexiglass after cutting it to fit the roof. Wind noise gone and initial fuel efficiency results suggest a ~1mpg gain. i’ll post some more pics and a parts list soon.


Love this! Where did you get the brackets?

online—wrote up the instructions w/ parts list and links here Easy, Effective DIY Wind Fairing