Firewood! Where do you store it?

What is your solution for firewood storage in the GFC? Pictures welcome!

Living in California, I generally can’t gather firewood and have to bring it with me. The build I am planning is similar to a decked system, and I would prefer to leave the top mostly open to have room for the dog to sleep & just hanging out.

Currently, I have a RTT mounted over the bed of my Tacoma. I keep the wood in a plastic bucket in the bed of the truck and carry what is needed with a milk crate to the fire ring. If I kept this setup with the GFC I would either be taking up a lot of valuable floor space, or need to lift a very heavy bucket out of the bed every night.

Roof is not preferred as I already have a high center of gravity.

Any ideas?

So far I have stored it in the back of the truck and in the rear seat inside the cab with seat folded down. Personally I hate carrying wood as you can only carry a couple nights worth if that and then it adds extra weight and takes up room. I feel like an ideal place might be on a rack over the cab. Most of the time I collect wood and will cut it with axe, hand saw or chainsaw. I live in California as well.
If you’re staying at places where you can’t collect wood it means you’re probably at a campground so you should probably get an RV that way you can stay inside turn on your heater and avoid all the other annoying campers that are 5 feet away from you. :slight_smile: just kidding


I always bring wood/pick up local wood on the way to my site the first night in case it had rained or is raining/snowing. Some of the NF locations I camp it rains 50-70" yr, so most pine lying around in the more remote areas is wet/rotting. I think with a decked system, you could still have space for the wood, I guess it depends on how many bundles you bring right? I just store it in the back, stacked against the rear passenger side bedwall. It’s not perfect, But it’s right next to my collapsable water jugs and Jerry can. It’s easy to lift the panel and reach in to grab a couple logs. Then again, I’m not building out the bed because I still use it as a truck. I pack with bins and totes, use a load plan, stick with it.

Need a cord? lol.

Fun fact: In OK - it’s called a “rick,” which is an unofficial term based on the amount of wood you can fill the bed with without piling it above the bed…damn Okies…


I use a milk crate. What I can fit in there is what I bring. I don’t think there’s a solution to the firewood conundrum. The only thing I can think of is burning scrap lumber as it will pack the best. The other solution is camping in places where firewood can be gathered. I used to live in California and I think that gathering wood was prohibited. I don’t remember specifically. NM allows dispersed camping almost everywhere and we can gather wood at will. Though, I have to say that the dry SW campfire bans have made the firewood thing a non-starter… Ha! JK. Honestly, not having fires in recent years is sad, but not that big of a deal, imo.


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I’ve mostly switched to a propane fire pit. I know, it lacks the feel of a good campfire. But I get a good amount of burn time (8-10hrs) off a single 20lb propane tank that I share with the campstove. So it saves a lot of space in the back of the truck. Also, the propane is often allowed when fire restrictions prevent a wood fire. It’s also pretty nice to have the option to not smell like smoke on longer trips.


I second the propane fire pit, very convenient!

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I have the blue ridge overland XL bag on the spare tire. Carries the firewood to camp and the garbage out.

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I don’t typically make campfires when I’m camping so no need to bring firewood. I have a camp stove to heat water and cook with. If I’m cold, I put on another warm layer or become more active. If its really cold, I’ll climb into my sleeping bag to warm up.

Campfires are an over-rated part of the outdoor experience.


I disagree…camp fires warm my soul. Nothing better than a long day of hunting/hiking and coming back and building a warm fire.


Agreed. Drinking a beer or two around a fire is always something to look forward to after a long day outdoors. I seldom have the opportunity to have a fire but when I do it is always a highlight.


Are these quotes for real or are you just trolling us… Campfires are overrated but spending $7,000 to put a tent on top of your truck is okay.
Why do you need a sleeping bag to keep you warm? I just kill a large animal and climb inside of its carcass.

When you get cold you get more active? The rest of us sit around the fire drinking a beer well you’re doing sit ups in your GFC? Come on now


Not at all. I don’t build campfires. Never had a need for it. Drink hot drinks before bed, stay active, dress appropriately for the conditions and you won’t need a campfire. I spend my time hiking and breaking up illegal fire rings. There are alternatives to burning firewood. Sitting on my ass drinking a beer I can do at home for a lot cheaper and I’m still not making a campfire.

I get that some people find it enjoyable to smell like smoke and burn holes in their clothing. I never got the attraction. I also don’t smoke and rarely drink.

I just wanted to point out that one doesn’t “need” fire, nor firewood to enjoy being out in nature

When I get cold I drink more beer! Might not make me warmer but it makes me THINK I’m warmer so…



Dude didn’t realize having a fire struck such a chord. You really spend all your time hiking and breaking up “illegal fire rings?” I get that people can be morons when/where they have fires at times but to devote your outside time to that is pretty impressive.

I would have to disagree with you though on the “need” for a fire. For fairweather camping, yes, not necessary but sure as hell enjoyable. For crazier conditions, it can be life or death which is why people have utilized fire for thousands of years. Ive been on hunts where they are 100% necessary to dry clothes that are soaked or add warmth in addition to drinking warm fluids/dehydrated meals etc. In several instances, no fire = you’re done on the mountain and headed to a hotel.

As for the “I get that some people find it enjoyable to smell like smoke and burn holes in their clothes.” I got nothin’ for that one other than chill dude…its just someone enjoying a campfire…not people cooking meth in a trailer lol.


Interesting pivot for this thread…


Agreed. Kind of surprising for this forum…

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I like a fire. I simply wrap my firewood in a tarp and pack it in the bed with my other gear. I pack it such that its first to come out when unpacking. The tarp keeps all the woody junk together and out of my cabaña living room…


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How often do you guys just get wood upon arriving at said destination (national forest, desert) etc., vs taking your own?

I live in the northeast and there are commonly restrictions on moving wood across state and county lines to reduce spread of pests. So sometimes it’s not an option.


Well to answer the original question, I find milk crates to be the easiest to store the wood and pack in the bed.