For Sale: New 4thD/Merlin Solar 240 Watt Panel

I have for sale a brand new and unused 220 watt Flexible Merlin Solar Panel.

It’s flexible and low profile, with a completely adhesive back. Beside it fitting the GFC perfectly and looking super clean, it’s likely the best performing panel you can currently get, even more than the Xplor series.

The main thing that separates Merlin solar panel from the rest is that if part of the panel gets covered it will continue to generate partial wattage because of the high density metallic grids in each cell. Most panels (Renogy and cheaper) will lose power if even partially in shade. (Think clouds, surfboards, tree branches).

It’s for sure a specialty panel so I won’t lie, it’s not cheap. I paid total $1,140 for it. (It was about $250 in shipping alone). Merlin is a big supplier to the military so the panels are often out of stock because they get first dibs. But if you like staying on the GFC theme, they are also manufactured in the USA.

It is the same as this item in the link in terms of dimensions, however the orientation of the junction box on this particular panel I’m selling is different than below (see photos), which is why I decided not to use it ultimately for my setup. But maybe someone else won’t mind the orientation.

Lastly it seems there is a small blemish on the panel (but away from any cells), so I’m taking that into account as well. I’m located in Los Angeles, so I won’t be shipping I don’t think. It will cost too much.

Check it out, do some research.
I’ll let it go for $750 before posting it to CL and FB. Respond here or text me at SixZeroSeven.TheeSevenSeven.OneThreeFiveFive. Thanks!

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Also, there’s not a lot of reviews on these panels (trust me, I tried to research a LOT), but here’s a video where the Merlin cells outperform the rest. Portable Solar Panel Review Part 1 - YouTube

Still available, just giving a little bumpity.

Did you ever let this go?

Nope, still have it in its box stored away. Let me know if you have interest. @LightningGFC