For Your Frozen V2 Locks – Lock Covers by Sewverlander

I would like to introduce these custom lock covers I will be making available for purchase soon. I am looking for some folks who would be interested in being the first to purchase and try them out on their campers. They are currently available for the V2 and designed to fit the rear panel locks. I have them on my V2 XL GFC for our 2018 Ram 2500 with 6.5’ bed.

About the lock covers:


This is a customized 3D printed cover for your locks. We designed them to help to keep your locks from freezing.

  • 3D printed using Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol (PETG)

  • Selection of colors available – Black, Red, Gray, Orange – See Color Comparison Chart

  • Uses multiple strong magnets built into the cover.

  • Uses a synthetic rubber weatherstrip seal

  • Dimensions: 5.5″ x 3.25″ x .625″

  • Customize with your camper build number or other designs available – See Custom Designs or contact us to discuss using your own design.

This is where I could use your help. I also have lock covers for the side panels, but I don’t want to release them without testing fitment on different truck/camper combinations first. This is the best I could come up with to get some feedback from the community.

We wanted to start by making about 10 pairs of Rear Lock Covers for the first batch. If you are interested in ordering a pair for your camper AND would like to help test the magnet mount for the side panels, please visit V2 Rear Lock Covers Early Purchase Request – Sewverlander. When you sign up, it will ask questions about your vehicle. We want to get a wide range of vehicle/camper combinations to test out our side panel magnet mount. After you sign up, we will review your vehicle/camper information to determine if we can select you for early purchase. There will be additional batches but all you need to do is sign up once. We will let you know by 04/04/22 if you have been selected for the first batch.

If you are selected for Pre-Launch early purchase, you will receive an e-mail with information on how to order the Rear Lock Covers (For V2). Those who are selected and purchase the Rear Lock Covers will receive a Magnet Mount Fitment Test with their order. This is to test the fitment of the magnet mount for the side panels. They work on my XL camper for the Ram, so I’m hoping they fit on other campers as well.

You will also receive instructions on how to install the magnet mount test and report your results. As a thank you after you report your results, we will e-mail you a discount code for your next purchase.

Custom rail caps for the V2 will also be available for early purchase. More info on rail caps. I have these on my camper as well.

Sorry about the long post. This is the best way I could think to do all this.




Nice work! Looks like a great product!

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Thank you! I really like how they turned out.

Nice work! I’ll give it a try.

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Giving it a try is all I can ask for. Thank you for that.

Awesome. Can you post a picture of the interior side of this?

This is one from my camper. You can see my build number on the mount.

This shows a model of the rear panel set.


I currently have the JEdgar versions on now but they don’t work on the rear of the standard V2 because of how the rear side lip is so close to the edge of the locks so I’ll absolutely try these out and that way I can run both of them and test them both out long term

3rd gen Tacoma V2

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Really nice and clean looking! Thanks for sharing these.

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Great Idea Thx Ill be giving these a try they look well thought out.

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Signed up… and It’s finally warm enough around here to stop worrying about frozen latches. time to take off the redneck inner tube covers WOOT1 that worked 125% of the time keeping out the ice


Awesome! I don’t have my camper yet (May install) but I am excited to hear about this and how they work as I live in Colorado and will have a v2 on a Gen3 Tacoma.

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Thank you all for the stunning response! I’ve added a paper template you can print, cut, and test on your rear panel locks. You can find the template and quick instructions here.

I have received a few inquiries about doing these for other campers, caps/toppers, and the V1 also. This is definitely something I would like to offer in due time.

Thank you again for all the interest and support. I am looking forward to making cool things and solving real problems.

To conclude, I would like to start a frozen lock photo challenge. If you have one, post the worst freeze you have had on your locks. I will start.

This had to be 1/4" of ice in some spots. The funny thing is I had an extra snow shovel in the back of the truck and couldn’t get it out. (edit oh I did eventually get it out with 4 cups of hot water). I vowed to never let it happen again.


I had a nice crusty freeze like that but after I installed the redneck inner tube covers. the locks weren’t frozen shut. the rubber flexed and all the ice fell off and I was able to use the locks and the latch like normal

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Order in! now I just need to wait for winter to back around

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Looks awesome! I live nowhere near snow or ice, but these would be a great addition even to keep dust out of the locks.

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too late for me … just saw this post and the site is not accepting new requests. please let me know when they are available again. thanks!

Sorry you missed it. I will definitely let you know.

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The covers fit great and seems solid. They need a solid pull to remove. Only 4 more months for winter to come back around for a real test. …now I just need to move the Calvin sticker…


For anyone who signed up for the early purchase but haven’t received an email, check your spam folder. I just sent out a last call for early purchase orders. Please let me know if you signed up but didn’t get the email.

More photos were added here if you are still looking.

I hope to officially open the store for regular orders next week.

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