For Your Frozen V2 Locks – Lock Covers by Sewverlander

Got mine and they work just as advertised - I also tested the side panel and they fit well also.


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The Store is now open to regular orders.

Rear Panel Lock Covers and Rail Caps are in stock. Or you can backorder a custom set.

Thank you to those who did the early purchase. Keep an eye out for a discount code. I hope to have some side panel lock cover sets available soon.

Jamie and I have some fun camper upgrade projects planned for our build. I hope everyone has a great weekend.



Will they work on a v1?

Sadly, they do not fit the V1. On the V1’s I’ve seen, the spacing around the latches isn’t enough to fit the V2 magnetic mounts.

Bummer…do you plan on making some that do? Or could I place a special order. Thanks! Jared

I designed an early concept for the V1 using V1 photos and videos I could find, but I don’t have a V1 to regularly test parts on so I set it aside for later. I’ll take a look at it again.

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Thanks! Let me know :+1:t2::fist_left:t2::metal:

I got my lock covers in the mail today and installed…. They look good and I’m confident they’ll get the job done as far as ordering the locks from freezing up

The true test here will be if they stay on… I live at the top of a mountain and my driveway is 3 1/2 miles of washboard hell so I’ll report back as to if they stay on or not!


Awesome @OverlandKyle! Lets see how they do. :crossed_fingers: Either way I’ve got you covered. Amazing view by the way.

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Here’s another view…. I’m blessed to be up here!


@Jhart I haven’t forgotten about your V1. I’ve been working on it. I’m waiting for the supplier to get more of the magnets I want to test. If they work, I will reach out to V1 owners to test it.


Awesome! Thanks!!!

Can anyone report back now that we are in the swing of winter to let us know how these did? Also did they stay on while your driving? I don’t see much point if you have to take them off while driving. I’m ordering a GFC next week but this frozen lock ordeal has me on the fence. With this Sewverlander innovation working I’d feel a lot better about spending all my money… Cheers


Work great. Had them on off and on for a few weeks and drives to the mtns to ski.


The magnets are almost TOO strong. They take more effort to pull off than you’re expecting and they keep all the water out of the latches.


Any movement on these V1 lock covers? I’d be interested in ordering. Don’t forget about us V1 owners…



So far so good - no issue with them coming off but as someone else said the magnets are very strong. Good for keeping them on but not so easy to take and impossible to remove with gloves. I have to use a plastic pry tool sometime to get them off because they don’t have a recess ot tabs to hold on to that would make it a little easier to remove. I would not want weaker magnets, BTW - the serve the purpose. But it would nice to have a tab to help with getting them off.

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@GFC706 I haven’t forgotten. Still waiting on the magnet company to restock the ones I need. I’m hoping to hear by the 19th.

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@senseidad @blackhearse sorry they have been difficult to remove. Thank you for the feedback and supporting the project.

I’ll do some experimenting to see what I can come up with to make the grip better.

You may have already tried this. Sometimes when my covers have an extra stick to them, I wiggle them a little to help release the seal.

Ya, I found that works a bit. A quick wiggle to break the adhesion. Honestly, I ski in mittens so never have dexterity but for me it takes 2 seconds to remove 1 glove to get them off so I’ll gladly take the strong magnet.

Love the feedback and group discussion!