GFC Brake Light Hookup No Tapping Plug & Play

Only for Tacoma’s

I assume your talking about just Tacomas?

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I am forgot to add that in the comments thank you.

Hooking up the brake light has been on my to-do list for about 15 months. If $35 is what it takes to push me over the edge and finally cross it off, sure!

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Id probably be in also

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I’d kill for an easy solution for the Colorado…


Here I’m realizing that my future GFC install is just “put it on and secure it”
Yes, I’d be down for an easy hook up.

Truck yeah – sign me up!

What’s the advantage of what you’re talking about? It’s super simple to hookup the wiring to the brake light.


I’m interested too. My install is next week and I wasn’t sure what to expect during the installation. I was hoping that kit was a simple fix.

The GFC has a cable with a connector that easily splices in to your brake light wire.


Yeah found this in the forum

Crazyfingers, what approach did you have in mind?

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Those instructions are pretty good if you want to tap into your truck wiring. Me personally I don’t wanna tap into the truck wiring. So basically it’s two plugs wire together with a pigtail coming off of it to attach the third brake light to. One plugs to your trucks wiring plug and the other plug plugs into your tail light. It makes a jumper. It will connect from the truck harness to the tail light with a pigtail coming off of it. This way you can attach the third brake light to the pigtail without tapping into the trucks wiring. Parts should be here this week so I should have one together to post a picture of. The only thing you will have to do Is plug one end to your truck wiring. Then plug the other end into your tail light housing. Then connect the GFC’s red and black wires to the pigtails coming off the jumper that’s it. So this just allows you not to tap into your trucks wiring. You’re basically just tapping off the two pigtails on the jumper.


What are you planning?

Is There anyway to wire it so it’s also a running light and not just a brake light?

They say they can add a lead for a running light also

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Updated the original post.

Here are some pic of it installed with no tapping of any wires.

@blancataco here is the plug and play third brake light I was talking about.

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@crazyfingers are you still making these?