How to wire GFC brake light (2nd gen Tacoma)

Wiring the brake light is pretty easy. I believe the color of the wires might be different from 1st, 2nd and 3rd gen though. If you have a 1st or 3rd gen perhaps you would like to share? If you have an older model truck the plastic in the tail light may be a little brittle so be careful. I believe this is why GFC stopped installing the brake light.
I’m not sure if the color of my wires are the same as in every truck but maybe for all 2nd gen tacos.
You don’t have to cut any wires. It screws into the existing brake light. Once you have it in front of you it will make sense.

-Remove two bolts (10 mm) in pic below then carefully pull the tail light out. You will hear a pop. Hopefully you did not crack anything.
-Red wire from GFC attaches to green wire with red stripe on Tacoma.
-Black wire with red stripe from GFC attaches to white wire with black stripe on Tacoma.


I made a write up on here for a 3rd gen already.

Nice, I should have searched I didn’t realize you already started a thread

No problem. I’m sure it will help second gen guys since I didn’t know. Haha.

The 2nd gen has different colored wiring than the 3rd gen. So thank you for this thread.

Also to note. You have to strip a little bit of the outer covering of the wire to attach the screw things. Otherwise, it didn’t work for me, guess not good enough contact with the wire itself.

I’m so confused why GFC didn’t put out a video.

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If anyone is wondering, it’s the same for 1st gen (at least my truck).

To clarify…are we NOT stripping the wire before connecting? If we are stripping, wouldn’t the connection now be prone to shorting out with water intrusion?

(Not an electrician in the least)

No stripping. It just screws into existing wire. Read through it again.

I can read bro, read the post 3 above from the gentleman who says he had to strip the wire to get it to work.

Sorry wasn’t trying to offend I thought you were responding to the write up I did for wiring the 2nd gen brake light. Take care


No stripping needed.


2nd gen brake light taps are being made here:

I just made a video on this if anyone is still confused.

I think 2nd gen and 3rd gen wires are different colors

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Thank you! Good to know!