How To: Wire 3rd Gen Tacoma 3rd Brake Light

Haven’t seen this posted anywhere yet personally and see a lot of folks ask.

How to wire the third brake light on the GFC.

(DISCLAIMER!) This is for my 2017 3rd Gen Tacoma. Your Tacoma might be different. If you don’t have a Tacoma it will positively, probably be different.

(1) I started by removing my rear, driver side taillight.

(Two 10mm Bolts) Circled in photos.

(2) I then fished the wiring through the gap in the bedside.

Be patient doing this because you don’t want to risk damaging your wires.

It might help to pry the metal/plastic out a bit with a flathead screwdriver inside the bed.

If you’re lucky you’ll be able to catch them on the inside of the hole where the tail light is. If not you’ll have to reach up from the bottom and push the wires through or remove your drivers side bed box cubby if you have one.

(3) Now that you have your wires where the taillight goes, look for the middle (egg shaped) connector. This is the connector you’re going to need to tap the two wires into.

Remove and skin back the tape on these wires a few inches.

(4) Get a idea of how the needle wire splices (that GFC provide) work before attempting to use them.



Both the black and red ends on the splices are removable. Take those all apart!

The red end on the wiring will act as a swivel when you’re putting them all back together so you don’t have to twist the wiring.

(5) Light Blue = Positive +

White/Brown Stripe = Negitive -

(6) Confirm the plugs Black/Red orientation is correct inside the bed. Make your connection…

(7) Replace taillight. Don’t pinch wires.

(8) Test it.

The light only comes on during braking wired in this orientation. It will not function as a DRL.


Just out of curiosity, is your 3rd brake light mounted on the extrusion or the rear panel of the camper?

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It should be mounted to the rear door.

Rear door. Camper #234

I think the early production campers had the 3rd brake light on the rear extrusion.


Those connectors seemed too small for my brake light wire. I couldn’t even get it to thread together without skinning the insulation off the taillight harness.

I ended up cutting, soldering, and heat shrinking, so now I never need to worry about it.

Nice write up though.

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I believe you’re right. I’m #200 and mine is mounted on the panel, but I’m not sure at what point they changed mounting locations.

Yeah, I was just curious because I’m thinking about mounting electronics to the extrusions. I’m interested to see how others routed the wires when mounting on the extrusion.

That’s something I haven’t seen much info about. I know gopherpaw on Instagram has lights mounted on the side of the gfc tent, but I don’t know what they did with the wires.

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Thanks @2ayne, mine wasn’t wired like this originally and I just had to look it up when I put the GFC back on finally. Appreciate it.

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This was a helpful resource but I’m still unclear on my best option to fish the wires through. :thinking: It looks like yours has a hole on the side that mine doesn’t? Where I drew the x. Some vids online show it going through the small gap in the floor of the bed but that seems too small. Any clarification would be so appreciated! I have a 2020 Tacoma DCSB.

Figured it out! :sweat_smile::crazy_face:


Is the GFC light only a running light or is it both a running and brake light? Thanks

On my Tundra it only lights up when I apply the brakes.

Here you can see my lights are on but light is out, hope this helps. Thanks

Brake light only at least how I have it wired up.

Anyone run into the “brake override malfunction” error after installing this? Tail lights working but brake lights and GFC light are not. Checked fuses and they’re all good. Can’t imagine it’s the brake switch since the brake lights were working prior to connecting GFC light. Open to suggestions! Thanks all.

This will work if you have a Tacoma.

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This will work for 2nd gen?

I don’t think so, different plugs for 2nd and 3rd Gens.

The ones he has right now does not but he has a batch of second GEN plugs on order. I would send him a PM to get on the list