GFC Build Weights

Man, I’d sure be curious to know how much various GFC builds weigh. Starting from the GFC to the bumpers, batteries, and bidets… What kind of gross vehicle weight are we talking about? If folks could have their rigs weighed, I think it may be interesting. Maybe just state if the weight is a dry weight or loaded for a trip. I believe that Toyota GVWR for the tacoma is 5600 lbs. Other truck owners can include their GVWR from their manual. This may be enlightening. We’ll see…


It is almost as if there was a thread very similar to what you suggested…:wink:

Didn’t get much traction, but some good comments!


Ha! Shudda searched. Clearly, I didn’t. Well, it’s posted. I’ll wait to see if there’s any interest.


I unknowingly stole the bidet gag. Twice I think. LOL.


I weighed my black truck a few years ago loaded out for a trip before the GFC and it was 5200lbs. I had a steel bed rack that weighed 80ish lbs and didn’t have the swing out yet so I am probably 300lbs heavier. DCSB Tacoma

Probably not much use for all you Tacoma guys but I recently took my f150 to a cat scale because I was curious. This is pretty much loaded as it would be for a trip except without a passenger, dog, or any food so maybe 250lbs light. GVWR on the truck is 7050

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Thanks for the post. Good info. I’m anxious to get my rig weighed with my GFC.


I should add that the curb weight is 5127 lbs. I was definitely surprised how much all our camping stuff added up to since I’d consider myself to be a pretty light packer and my build out is fairly basic.

So… I finally weighed my 2019 tacoma with the GFC. Simple build. Mostly empty. Only thing in the bed proper is my TSC trunk with solo bedding, recovery gear, and miscellaneous other camp crap. Shovel and hi-lift mounted on the passenger side tacoma rail. Truck is stock except for bilstein 5100 in front, OME medium dakar leafs, and warn semi-hidden bumper with winch. Doggie bed, tools, and miscellaneous emergency stuff in the access cab.

Weight includes driver and full tank of gas…

GVWR = 5600 lbs

CAT scale weight = 5740 lbs.

When packed for an adventure with 5 gallons of water, I may add 100-200ish lbs to the bed proper (not exactly sure) and I often have a 110 lb passenger and a 70 lb dog. All this doesn’t include roof cargo like maxtrax, or surfboards, or my extra gas can and mount, or mountain bikes and rack…

I’m not super paranoid, but it certainly makes me think about how I drive. I may upgrade my front brakes when the stock stuff starts to wear out.

Anyway, I guess my point is…
Weigh your rig (especially if you have a tacoma) and compare it to your door GVWR for your safety. CAT scales are accurate and cheap. I paid like $12 for my weigh. It took all of 5 mins to get it done.

Some of the builds out there have to be massively over GVWR with fridges, solar, batteries, heaters, water systems, wood build outs, etc. A big portion of my weight is recovery gear as I travel in remote baja sometimes.

IMHO, some recovery gear is absolutely necessary weight for all GFC owners.

Just sayin’.


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My RAM 1500 has a GVWR of 8000lbs and weighs in at 6500lbs (dump scale) with the GFC, recovery gear, tools, front bumper, winch, sliders, fox suspension, and 35s.

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Oh yes… I forgot about my sliders. Those add a significant amount of weight as well. I consider those recovery gear, in a sense.