GFC easy camp meals

I try to keep my meals simple when camping. Of course, there’s not many things more satisfying than a delicious meal outside at a beautiful place. I’m curious what is your favorite easy go-to camp meal…

For me, I’d say my favorite camp meal is Japanese curry and rice that I pre-prepare at home, but my easy most frequent meal is loaded quesadillas with a side of salsa.

Hopefully this thread will give me some new ideas for mealtime.



Great idea for a thread!

I usually have a fire so a steak and campfire baked tater with whatever foil veggies I end with is my favorite. foil wrap tater, throw it in coals. foil wrap veggies, throw it in coals. season steak, throw it over coals. so easy with beer in hand

Breakfast is often corned beef hash made with homemade corned beef and duck eggs from the yard


Tacos in any form.

Ramen with a ton of veggies for stir fry. Add some peanut butter in for a pad thai flavor.

We’ve dialed in some killer grilled cheese and soup for those cold evenings.

We like to pre-make some muffins for breaky so that there is no early AM cleanup.


Leftover spaghetti and marinara sauce

Bacon wrapped filet mignon (smiths has them predone) cooked over a fire on a hotdog roaster and instant mashed potatoes

Grilled ham and cheese in the pie iron

Tortilla pizza in the pie iron (get the uncooked tortillas and use them as the crust, put your stuff in the pie iron and roast over the fire)

Italian sausage roasted over the fire on a stick. When 80% done wrap it with some roll dough from the can and finish roasting it slowly.

Oatmeal in a ziplock bag is my go to breakfast - or granola bars as I am usually out and about super early and don’t want to take more time than needed.


Wait elaborate about tis pie iron/tortilla pizza? We do them at home regularly but not camping…

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I am a big fan of cooking with a pie iron when camping Pack of 2 Cast Iron Pie Cooker Campfire Sandwich Maker

Basically pick up the uncooked flour tortillas at Costco (or wherever) tortilla, sauce, cheese, toppings sauce ( you want sauce against all tortillas so they don’t burn as easy) , tortilla. Close the thing up, trim off anything poking out the side and roast over the fire.

Have even prepped everything at home and frozen them so they would defrost over a day or 2 and be ready to go. I literally freeze them in the pie irons at home over a couple of days before the trip so they are the perfect size

Pretty easy but you will want to practice with the pie iron as it is easy to burn things if you get in a hurry.


Nice thanks! We do tortilla pizza’s way too often at home. Cheap, easy, and so many random ingredients in the fridge to add.

When cooking solo I try to keep it simple by either pre-cooking a meal or picking up something at the grocery store on the way in.

I do enjoy a good meal with company and have figured a few ways to make it efficient. My biggest pain is cleaning dishes while camping so preparing the mise en place at home really makes it easy at camp. Do all your chopping at home and stick in Tupperware. Par-cooking meals if it’s a long cook time. Sous-Vide is always a great option for proteins like chicken; all you have to do is sear to liking at camp.

Here are some meals I make regularly

Steak Sliders with Blue Cheese, Caramelized Onions, Aioli, Arugula

Hot Dogs

Steak directly on campfire coals with homemade chimichurri

Hobo Potatos in Foil on the campfire.

Street Tacos - Dice meat, onions, cilantro, and limes ahead of time. Only thing to do is quickly sear meat and scoop up with flour tortillas. I just go to a Mexican butcher and get marinated meat when I’m lazy.
Vegetarian Option: Poblano with Monterey cheese.

Oklahoma Smash Burger- This is the most American burger I’ve ever had and takes 5 minutes to prep at the campsite.


oooooo… Grilled cheese… So good. So easy. So many variations… I like it.



Campfire cookers rock. I’ve deployed those for yummy results. The only thing I don’t like is packing it as its long.


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True, most of them the poles will unscrew from them so I usually do and it makes them a bit more compact

Oh gnocchi with pesto chorizo and mushrooms is also easy and a good one cause it cooks in minutes as the boil time is low for gnocchi.


We usually do a veggie goulache kinda deal just grab whatever remaining veggies we have in the fridge. If we have any sausage or brats we chop that up and sauté everything in a cast iron.


One pan meals are the way to go; fried rice, perogies n farmer sausage, hash, stirfry. Pasta is easy too.


Tater Tot Smash!

heat up cast iron with a liberal amount of olive oil or butter to make clean up easier later
empty defrosted bag of tater tors into pan and smash them down creating a potato “crust”. the more you can let it get crispy the better it gets.
1 - 2 cans of chili
shredded cheese
cover and let cheese get nice and melty

if you wanted to get fancy you could start with some onions, peppers, jalepenos sautéed in the pan before the taters go in but I usually don’t bother.

cleanup is usually really easy, I keep a plastic scraper for the cast iron in the truck. a few scrapes and a wipe with a paper towel and you’re done for the evening, time for a (few more) beer(s).


Love this! Great idea!!


Trader Joe’s frozen section. Basically just heat in a pot/pan. And each bag is usually $2-6. Their variety of fried rice is awesome as well as basically all their pastas. I enjoy their Shitake Mushroom Chicken and Japanese style Fried Rice. Basically ~$8 together and can feed two comfortably. They also have frozen Garlic Naan bread, which makes awesome personal pizzas.

Just recently picked up some Hot and Sour soup from the local chinese spot. Took all of 5 minutes to warm up in a pot and was amazing as the temps dropped into the 30’s/40’s. Call in the order on your way out the door and pick it up as you leave town.

Last one for now: Meatball subs - warm frozen meatballs and marinara in a pot, toast hoagie rolls with butter, add provolone or mozzarella slices, add the meatball/marinara on top and slap yo mama its so good.


Big fan of tacos over here. I’m of the opinion that the best taco is a well-prepared chicken, beef, or fish paired with minimal accoutrements. Some onions, cilantro, and a good sauce. That tends to make cooking pretty easy since things can be prepared at home.

Pie iron “pizzas” were a staple growing up, basically a pizza themed grilled cheese in the pie iron.

My favorite camping breakfast is breakfast burritos made at home and foil wrapped, then reheated on a cast iron griddle.

Also, not quite food but making aeropress coffee on the tailgate is about as good as it gets.


I forgot Frito pies!


What a great idea for a thread. We spend so much time online thinking about how we can make our trucks better, spend more money, and looking for reasons to upgrade things.

All this does is remind me what it’s all about: Spending time out there with friends and family

Cheers, guys :v: