GFC pickup install Day

I am very excited for my pickup in June!!! Wondering what I do with my gear that will be in the back of my truck during install ? Do they frown on a pile of stuff in the parking lot? And…. reading about locks and latches I am nervous about being on my own (un-mechanical female :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) and being locked out. Is WD-40 a good option to always have or is there something better?

The installation bay is covered. Your gear won’t be a problem. Ask the GFC crew all your questions on install day. Take a list of questions. They can address your rig specifically as it seems there are minor improvements as they go along. Congrats. Welcome to the GFC family.



You’ll be all good. They have BioSheild there for sale for your locks. Use that, wd40 is last case as it will attract dust.

I had stuff piled in the middle of the box and the sides of my truck platform laying down. They worked around it.

Check out this thread for how to protect your locks.

Find someone with a 3d printer and these will over those pesky latches from getting frozen.

Welcome to the cool kid club :metal:t3:


Congrats! Stick close to the great people here in the forum. Everyone does a great job of looking out for one another. Pretty cool!!!

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We will address anything you are curious about during install and can help you unload your gear if necessary. Safe travels!