GFC T-Track Adapter Rail for mounting accessories

So I was trying to figure out a better, more cost effective way to mount things to the tracks of the GFC. This is going into testing and should be available soon, but so far its very…very promising for things that don’t require a ton load strength.

This is the 6" version with 4.4" of mounting space.


11" model with 8.8" of mounting space.


@Eisenheim, think these would be sturdy enough to mount a rain fly on to? Something like this with one end either staked to the ground or tied off on a tree or our trailer. I’d want to leave it up in the wind too.

Absolutely. I would say these will likely easily hold 150lbs. Can’t give an official number yet, but this would definitely hold a rain fly like it’s not even there.

I can’t snap one (short version), or even bend it far enough to distort it with my hands. The 11 inch I probably could, but it also has a center mount for a T nut, so it would be the same as 2 short sections.

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Do you have any photos of things mounted to them? I’m having a hard time visualizing how they actually work and how I might want to use them. Thanks


Trying to get some product testers right now actually. I’ll try and get my Weboost mounted to it this week/weekend to give a better example of what its intended for.

Bumping this.

These will allow you to mount anything (within reason I.E. >150lbs) with any hardware provided that it is 7.1mm in diameter or less to fit through the slot. You can mount things to it prior to mounting the rail itself, or you you can use M-Lok nuts and bolts (you’ll need slightly longer bolts, but they’re easy to find) for mounting stuff in the track.

@Eisenheim - love this and i would prefer this to my hacked up approach … how do i test yours?

If you’re interested, shoot me a message and I’ll send some out to you for testing. It seems that a lot of people had a hard time understanding what it was for/how to use it.